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  1. Hi there George B I use a plumb weight to level the scope tripod... use a bit of blu tack to suspend/stick a coin(£2) with thread underneath the locking collar and extend each leg in turn to gain the best level, even on grass. my back green ain't exactly level so i have to use this method everytime. I am getting round to laying some slabs in my favorite spot to gain a more level surface.. even with me being a fatty this will have to be reinforced with sand/cement mixture. hopefully this will sort out the level business once and for all.
  2. 127/1500 Maksutov

  3. Nice shots.. all of them! did you have any problems with vibration during the shots?... cheers BB
  4. Hi mate!.. I seen that one and saved it for future use .. just in case i forget. some of the Reg 6 seems a bit tricky at the start but after following the youtube one everything seemed to fall into place.
  5. Nice images Jake!..have not had much luck up in Ayrshire.. the usual ...rained off. BB
  6. Hi Simon! thats the small pad controller you have! it wont track mate.. you need the SW hand controller with the Goto!
  7. Try Tamiya XF matt black! Acrylic paint .. 4-5 jars depending on the dew shield size
  8. Cheers Sytra!...I never heard of them before and wasn't sure if anyone else had any business with them. I had been stung before with an online shop selling stuff and they disappeared with the money. once bitten etc!
  9. Hi Marky the Dob should be comfortable for you as they are quite tall at the eyepiece if you're aiming quite high up, I'm short 5' 8" and i could not reach up unless I had a stool of some sorts to stand on. I had a trial on the 16inch Meade Dob and it was bigger than me at full height and the weight for me was prohibitive to carry or transport.. I'm sticking to the wee stuff! good luck on your choice mate! BB
  10. Hi folks anybody know or heard of telescope planet? I have seen some equipment I like and at a fair price! Cheers! BB
  11. Cheers mate! clear skies to both of you soon!
  12. Hi Valvenus! pleased to meet you too.
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