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  1. Making Every Photon Count ordered. Thanks for all the advise.
  2. Yes Lunar / Planetery and would like DSO as well. Unreasonable for 2K? If I went for the Edge HD I could only afford the 8" Would that still be better than the C11. I am sorry, I understand these are noob questions.
  3. Hi again. Yes small objects to be larger. Thanks for the HEQ5 tip, will have a look.
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, I value your opinions so here goes. I am looking to upgrade my skywatcher 150P - EQ3-2. Although I am happy with the results I have had, I would like to produce larger images. I am deffinaely looking for a GOTO and like the look of the VX as I wont need Polaris to align (Hidden by summer house). 2k Max budget and looking for new (personal pref) Is the C11 Overkill? I get the feeling there is no such thing with astronomy. Any other sugestions would be welcomed. Clear Skies Brian
  5. This is my first try. It is only 3 images stacked. I only had a tripod so could only manage 25 sec exposure and even with that there are some trails. I was just happy to get some detail out of them.
  6. Ebay is a good place to start. I did a bit of reading about it and 3M seems to be the way that people go. It has grooves on the adhesive side which make it harder for air to be trapped. Might just be a gimick though.
  7. I will be in Scotland with my Cheap-o Dob. Will see what I can get.
  8. I have started using AS!2 for stacking.
  9. I have just checked and AS!2 was set to stack 100 frames. I set it to 1000 but it didnt make a huge difference to the output image. Simon - Yeah I plan to go out to the forest in the near future and coming over to the island sounds like a plan as well.
  10. It was about 1 and a half minutes of video stacked with AS!2 but not sure of the frame rate, will check. I am just up from central station so not far from the water. Last night was clear when I went out at around 22:00. It was still quite light and being so close to the city LP is an issue for me. Last night was the first time in quite a while it has been worth setting up. Cheers Brian
  11. My first attempt with my new 2.5x Powermate and QHY5L-II Colour. Still no tracking on the mount.
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