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  1. Thanks Nigel, I'll sky plus that.
  2. I own the same 'scope and had a similar issue, I bought the Celestron Vibration Suppression Pads, which work wonders and have at least halved the vibration. A lot cheaper than a new mount! Peter
  3. Dave, The clarity is far better and the FoV seems bigger than either of the bundled eyepieces, though I am sure you are seeing more with the 25mm as the magnification is lower.
  4. Andrew, I bought a Celestron 12mm X-Cel to compliment the bundled 9mm and 25mm that came with my NexStar 127, it delivers greater clarity and a wider field of vision than either of the bundled eyepieces, so much so that when FLO have them stock in I will buy both a 9mm and 25mm eyepiece to replace the bundled ones. As far as I am concerned it is money very well spent, Jupiter looks amazing though it!
  5. Thanks Andrew I'll try to have a look if the sky is clear. Peter
  6. Nice image, not had a chance to glimpse my first Saturn due to the clouds! Very Jealous Peter
  7. Doyley, on 23 Apr 2014 - 11:49 AM, said: As I said, I've been thinking about EPs but the vibration pads are a good shout. How are you finding the scope for DSOs? Thanks all - keep the advice coming. Alan Alan, to be honest i've not really had a look at DSO with this, spent my time on the planets. Peter
  8. Hi Alan, I got a SLT 127 at the start of the month, so I’m only getting used to it. I have however found it to be a brilliant 'scope. Very clear images of Jupiter and the moon and good ones of Mars. I have invested in some vibration pads which help stabilise the tripod and bought an 12mm XCel eyepiece which is clearer than the boxed 9mm. I looked at the Skymax 127 but was advised that the goto system on the SLT 127 was easier to use and so far it has proved to be a doddle. It has only played up once and that was due to fat fingers on my behalf! I hope this helps. Peter
  9. Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy your new telescope. Peter
  10. It's so bad that it is cloudy during the day as well, according to the forecast there isn't a clear sky for 5 day! I really have messed this one up for everybody!
  11. I might have doomed us all, I've just ordered a new eyepiece from our friends at FLO. Apologies for the clouds!
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