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  1. Got my first view of Mars tonight. It's barely over the tree line and honestly I think I still had some branches in there . Popped in my 9mm and so far no real detail but I will try again in an hour once its gotten a bit darker. Im using my 10" dob, so im getting quite a bit of coma. How much of that is weather related vs me needing a coma corrector? Haha. I've read that the faster scopes usually benefit from having one, I'm interested in what you guys think.
  2. Haha, I often stare out my window and weight the hassle of setting up vs the weather, most of the time I can at least get some good views of the moon.
  3. No, I think its more about gathering the publics attention. Too much trash on T.V., watch cosmos.
  4. Barlowed would make the 9mm a 4.5mm and I'm definitely no expert but thats on the upper end of magnification for the scopevunless the seeing is extraordinary. I just got a 10" dob with the same size eyepieces, I wish the 30mm had been a 26 or 24 but its still pretty nice for the DSO's. Were your eyepieces the same brand as the telescope? If so they are probable GSO's, they make eyepieces for orion, zhummell and many other manufacturers. My scope came with a right angle finder, its really nice not to have to contort your head in such an unnatural posotion.
  5. We could make endless comparisons to the original, I thought the show was very well produced. However, I personally was looking for more substance, and less flashing lights and (IMO) political overtones. But that sort of thing is nearly unavoidable these days so its all a part of it. I thought Neil Tyson was an excellent choice as host, especially with his past ties to Sagan. I wasn't alive when the original series aired, so its exciting that people like me and younger generations will have such a show, that with the right stuff will stay with us as the original has for many of you. I'm off
  6. So far everyone has been very nice and very willing to answer my never ending questions haha
  7. Wow, what size dob will this be? Is this your first build?
  8. Another reason I'm leaning toward a delos is because I think it would make viewing easier for kids/family/friends, with a greater amount of eye relief.
  9. Those are amazing! Do they look that good through the telescope or does the camera enhance the image?
  10. Olly what kind of eyepiece would that be, a plossl?
  11. I've never felt my 9mm was too much magnification, so I'm thinking maybe a 6mm delos for my high mag. Planetary EP. Just curious, would this be useful for DSO's?
  12. Thanks guys, I took another look at their site and its starting to make more sense now. A lot of people really seem to like the delos design over the naglers, because of the greater eye relief. I am looking for a high power eyepiece for planetary viewing, I currently have a 9mm plossl that came with my scope. Just trying to sort out which design (nagler vs delos) would be better for planetary viewing. Seems to be all personal preference, what experience do you guys have with them?
  13. Also, was wondering what some comparable brands to televue might be?
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