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  1. I did this for the first time a few days ago (Canon 1000D to a 130pds) and needed a T-ring and a threaded 1.25" barlow - FLO gave me some very good advice and I'm sure would do the same for you
  2. Thanks! I do have a remote release and used it for this...now I'm going to try stacking a few images for the first time - see what happens!
  3. I haven't posted for quite a while but my 7yr old son and I enjoyed Jupiter again tonight - he saw the banding clearly for the first time and is very excited. After he headed off to bed I set up my Canon 1000D with new 2x Barlow from FLO (thanks!) and had my first go. There was lots of star trailing and suchlike which I expected, but I had a shot at the moon as well and have attached a slightly edited version of one of the better shots. If I wasn't hooked before then I am now! Regards, William
  4. This is fantastic - what a great idea! Thanks very much
  5. One of these: http://starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=146 You attach this to the scope first and then pop your eyepiece in the top, meaning that the eyepiece is further from the secondary than it was, and may now be within reach of focus. I'm sure someone else can explain this far better than me!
  6. Welcome to the forum! From one newbie to another, have you tried a riser to get the eyepiece further from the secondary?
  7. I'm just starting out and so my collection doesn't come close to rivalling many on here. But here it is nonetheless: My Tal plossls are there with gaps in the hope of getting a 10mm and 25mm to match. Also a space for possibly another Barlow. Other than that a modded webcam, my new 9x50 finderscope, and a moon filter. Now I just need the clouds to clear - off work for the next week but the weather is grim
  8. You should have access to the ads now that you've got your 50 posts
  9. I spent a year in rural Kenya and the sight of the heavens above was astonishing. I was only slightly interested at the time - I now wish I'd some bins and a star map with me. Special memories!
  10. Thanks John - I'll look into this a bit more!
  11. This is all very helpful - I think the 9x50 right-angles finderscope is the first thing for me, possibly followed by a Telrad Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks for your thoughts Charic, My sight is awful and I wear glasses all the time. But I'm not clear on whether this is a problem with a Telrad. Your first line suggests it is an issue...the second suggests glasses are fine...the third suggests again that it's a problem. My main issue, however, is just straining to see straight through - the diagonal would I think make things much easier. Presumably the Telrad is just for viewing straight through? If the Telrad is an option then I like the look of it
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