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  1. As this ASI one seems to have very little information anywhere I started looking again and saw this one, Astro Lumina AL ccs5L-IIc, A bit more over my budget but from what I read it is the same as the ASI 120 have I missed something or is it just what the chip is surrounded by that adds the value to the ASI 120? Anyone using this Astro Lumina AL ccs5L-IIc? Any information would be amazing as I can only seem to find German results and the google translate does a great job but some things are really weirdly translated. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am looking for an affordable Planetary camera, I have taken peoples advice to try to modify webcams but the two old ones I had didn't work and bought a new one and only was able to image moon and that was poor quality. So now after wasting money I am looking for an affordable camera to practice with planetary imaging. (Also been trying with a DSLR in video mode got some O.K. results but I want a step up) I was going to buy the ASI 120 mc but due to some illness with my much loved rabbit some very costly bills came and in the end she was put to sleep and my savings for this camera was no more, she would have always come before the camera thats why I didn't buy until I knew she was treated. But now I have no real money to purchase this ASI 120 mc, and to save for this would take me until the start of next summer. So I looked for an affordable camera in the 150 euro range and I saw this ASI 034 and thought could this be good enough for me to get practice and some nice images along the way? Have found it very hard to find much information about this camera, So came here in hope there might be an owner or two that may be able to give me some useful information on this. The last thing I want to do is waste my money but also waiting a year to save for a better one is rather annoyingly long. So any feedback on this would be very helpful, or if anyone knows of any decent camera for planets moon and sun would be very helpful. Sun and Moon is not so important as I use the DSLR for that. Thank you in advance.
  3. Not yet just starting out simple, and using just light frames as the night is running out due to the long summers I will rather practice with just the basics like trying to get my mount aligned well and playing with camera settings. But I have looked into the other types to improve image it will come soon. Maybe even tonight I might retry with the other types needed. But need to learn more about how to take the other types and how many.
  4. Thought I would share my newest attempt. Used Celestron se mount in EQ mode and Nikon d5100 with the Tamron 70-300mm vc usd lens set to 300mm at f5.6. I took 15 minutes worth of images at 30 seconds per image. I had to process this using the jpeg files due to the RAW files are having issues using deep sky stacker and shows nothing once stacked even after altering the curves can get very little information out of it.
  5. More info is always needed apart from it pushes me back in the other direction, which isnt a bad thing
  6. Oh I did not know that, the main reason I wanted a little more than x2 Barlow was because with the DSLR Jupiter is coming out a bit to bright still and thought that could help dull it down. I do also have a f5 refracor that I use for solar imaging so a x2.5 or x3 would be of use for that sometimes. But still maybe the webcam should come first could end up saving me money in the long run if I dont really need another one quite yet. This was the camera I was considering so hope its good enough. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6817_ZW-Optical-ASI-034-MC-Color-USB-2-0-Camera-for-Solar-System-Imaging.html Thanks for the help here
  7. I only ever use a Barlow when doing imaging as I think I have enough magnification with the eyepieces I have to view things, and I have a issue when I do use the Barlow I seem to struggle to see the item feel I chase the item around and keep loosing its place not all eyepieces do this but some and not all the time. Would the x3 produce fine images? was feeling a little worried at how cheap it is compared to the x2.5 which I have heard produces very nice images.
  8. Hi again. I have managed to make a choice and narrow my search for a Barlow down to these two. I am really struggling to choose between them, I am after that slightly more bit of reach needed for getting better views on planets. I am using a x2 Barlow at the moment and feel its just slightly too little and seem to loose quality, maybe due to it being part of a kit and not high quality? Is anyone able to somehow tell me the difference between these? are they both good for imaging? Also what makes the x2.5 175 euros compared to the x3 at only 110 euros? Is there a big jump in quality that I will notice? Most of my imaging will be done using a DSLR in video mode doing 30fps. until I move onto webcam imaging which I will get a ZWO camera so would like the Barlow / powermate to be able to work well with this. My telescope is a celestron 4se, f 13 Mak. Thank you.
  9. Has anyone got any advice using x3 and x5 Barlows or powermates? Bit concerned would x5 be too much or x3 be too little and dont really want to make the mistake and have to buy both. Thanks
  10. Thanks, Yer I understand longer means dimmer and actually I still need a lot dimmer even with the x2 Jupiter is far to bright and see very little detail until processed, maybe due to using dslr in video mode at 30fps? The ts x5 I had heard is not very good on imaging use so I have not considered that one any more.
  11. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4879_Orion-High-Power-Barlow---3x-magnification---1-25----4-element-for-good-field-corr.html http://www.astroshop.eu/barlow-lenses/omegon-1-25-3x-premium-barlow-lens/p,32969 http://www.astroshop.eu/omegon-1-25-5x-premium-barlow-lens/p,32970 http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p921_TeleVue-5x-Powermate-PMT-5126-Image-Amplifier-Barlow.html These were the shortlisted Barlow lenses that I thought would be good enough for imaging.
  12. that was with the eyepiece projection thing, what ever i did to adjust it never seemed to come to focus, was thinking maybe some problem with the 9mm eyepiece being used with the dslr. A televue x5 Barlow was on my shortlist, but a bit unsure would x5 be way to much.
  13. Hi there, I have tried eyepiece projection and have not like the results very much. Though am impressed with the outcome the quality seems to be lacking,
  14. Hello, I have been taking images using my celestron 4se a cheap x2 Barlow that came with a eyepiece kit and my dslr. The images of the moon seems quite nice but still need some work on them, But planets are being rather tricky to get right. So I was thinking a x3 or x5 Barlow would be needed. I have a few in mind that range from about 129 euro to 179euro and seem to be good glass for imaging. Some advice on peoples thoughts on there Barlows in this x3 to x5 range would be considered as I have only just started looking. But more importantly the advice I really need is would a x3 be enough or would I need a x5 ? I cant really afford to have to buy both. So if anyone has advice on them would be a great help. I will be using a DSLR doing video imaging to start with but I do have plans to buy a laptop and a zwo mc webcam later on. Heres a couple of images of recent results. These were taking as a video using the nikon d5100 and a x2 barlow lens. then stacked using registax 6. Thank you.
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