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  1. I'm new here too Here's to a great time (on and off the forum)
  2. I'm new too Just wondering if my wife would mind me jumping in the car and setting of to Saddleworth. Great stargazing and some great local bands up there. I was born in Hyde but have been living in Derby for the last 31 years. I'm waiting for my 1st telescope to arrive (like a little kid at Christmas!) Have fun!
  3. StevieBTheFirst


    lots of new members huh? I think it's testament to this community and forum that so many new members like you and me are joining Good luck Steve
  4. Hi there Only just joined too! Looks like a great community and forum - no doubt we'll be using it a lot over the coming months (and years!). I've got 2 kids (7 & 5) and I'm looking forward to have them catching the bug too - God knows I would have loved to have done something like stargazing with my Dad! Best luck and wishes Steve
  5. Hi everyone Novice enters the lounge.... Well, having spent several late evenings in the lounge as a guest, I took time out last night to become a member. First things first, thanks to Grant (moderator?) for sorting my access out when I made a mess of my User Name (it was well past midnight and Grant's immediate help was gratefully received). It's been very helpful to read through the various 'newbie' threads as I've evaluated customer reviews of various starter telescopes. I've been pleasantly surprised at the supportive nature of existing members with their helpful replies to requests for help and advice. It seems I'm joining a group of very helpful enthusiasts without a single hint of one-upmanship and implied superiority. Members appear to be honest and very willing to share their experiences to the point of admitting making poor choices in the past. Earlier this week I purchased a Skywatcher Explorer 130P and I feel like an excited little child on the lead up to Christmas as I wait for my purchase to arrive. Unfortunately an attempt was made to deliver it today whilst I was at work so it looks like I'm going to have to wait a few more days! I started off by convincing myself that the Skywatcher Heritage 130P FlexTube was the one for me due to its ease of setup and friendliness to a beginner. However, at the back of my mind, I was being nagged by the Explorer - I was very concerned that if I bought the Heritage I'd be forever wondering if I should have spent a little bit more to get the Explorer. Anyway, the choice was made and this 52 year old kid is having to wait another couple of days to start out on a new pastime. I heeded the various advices about not going OTT with accessories so I just bought the Explorer - my daughter bought me the DK Planisphere and a copy of everyone's favourite Turn Left at Orion for my birthday. I look forward to getting to know my Explorer and joining this stargazing community. Until next time.....
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