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  1. I've downloaded Registax v5 and I get the following message before I attempt to run it. 'Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?' I currently use Win 7 so I'm wondering whether the Registax download is for, perhaps, Win XP and needs to reconfigure my pc.
  2. Many thanks for your advise. Re: Registax .........I see their are versions 1 to 6 for free download on various websites. Do I need to download all versions or just v5 & v6?
  3. Hi again all you stargazer types out there! I would appreciate you help and input on my next challenge in the imaging dept. for novices. To capture some cool night sky images using a webcam with usb connection to my tablet thingy and process it all through any stacking stacking software stuff via my pc. I also gather this uses masses amount of memory and not straight forward. Not sure what quality cam to get or what/which stacking software will be best for my beginner's purposes. I'd love to get a grip, a focus and make it all stack up so, if possible, without breaking the bank so please advise.
  4. Fortunately my 'cleaned' scope performed very well last Sunday evening in -1C. Cool (well-cold actually!). I must concede to being a tad concerned as to whether my primary mirror tinkering had fouled things up at all. But luck was on my side and I settled down to some cool Jupiter scoping in a cold starry sky. Let's hoe things stay that way from now on.
  5. That's good advice - thanks! I had found turning in the rear latitude bolt became harder the further in it went so I held the weights in my left hand to relieve the strain until my required elevation was reached and wound in the rear bolt. I thought I'd found the ideal method. Unfortunately with my inexperience ( and incorrect manual instructions) I didn't close off the front bolt leaving the rear bolt to take all the strain - bending it. Returning about 10 minutes later after refreshments I discovered the rear bolt had seized up. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  6. My new bolts arrived this morning and, as you say, they are much better than the originals. I particularly like the ratchet mechanism using the red button. Neat!
  7. Well, I've absorbed the advice on here and pressed on! I marked with tube with tape, to aid realignment later when reassembling, and removed the primary mirror. There were two tiny deposits of foam with black emulsion from the dew cap. The mirror was submerged in a clean bowl of tepid tap water and 3 drops of detergent and allowed to soak for 10 minutes. The deposits were a tad stubborn so, still submerged, I very gently prodded them with a plastic toothpick and away they floated. Next I removed the mirror and rinsed in cold tap water. Fresh tepid water and detergent was again added and the mirror submerged for a few minutes. Whilst still submerged I opted to very gently wipe cotton swaps across the mirror, a clean swab for every wipe. Next the mirror was removed and rinsed thoroughly with distilled water and put on a clean tea towel on the drainer to dry. It looks good, in fact very good and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself at the moment. But I'm sure it won't last. I wonder what my challenge will be next? Time for a well deserved tea and biscuits me thinks!
  8. Following on from the above suggestions my observations on You Tube show that after removing the primary mirror cell I need to submerse this in tepid fresh water in a clean bowl adding 2 or 3 drops of a quality washing up detergent and leave to soak for about 5 minutes. Wash off with cold tap water. Repeat with tepid water and detergent wiping cotton wool strips gently across the mirror. Rinse off with cold water allowing to drain on a clean towel. Finally pour distilled water over mirror and allow to drain and dry. And that's it. Sounds straight forward enough - all I need is the confidence to do it, probably the year after next!
  9. Crikey, there's some good advise stuff going down here! Thanks again all you persons (watch out for sexism accusations). Removing the primary mirror seems easy enough but I understand that after replacing it I probably will need to collimate it in order to maintain its 'sweet spot.' Now this all sounds a bit painful to me so, at present, I must proceed at a pace suitable to my current demeanour - ie lazy to almost full stop. After that, if the mirror needs removing then so be it. The 'sweet spot' must be maintained at all costs.
  10. My dew cap, made from a camping bag foam base with its interior painted with black emulsion from a sample pot, works quite well for me. However a very small piece of foam is now on the primary 200P mirror and bouts of condensation appears to be keeping it there. I have read that under no circumstances should a novice like myself touch the mirror to remove it. So, am I 'stuck' with it? Any advice gratefully received.
  11. After my attempts at straightening the damaged adjuster bolt it now appears to be working well and I'm back to scoping. I now await delivery of the replacement stainless steel pair. Thanks again folks!
  12. I agree with your sentiments about time wasters! Well, my scope is setup once more and all appears well for full moon scoping tonight, with just received moon filter fitted, and tea and biscuits. Sounds a lot more fun and interesting don't you think? I
  13. Thank you brantuk , your advice gratefully received! ++++++++++++++++ I finally heard from my scope supplier again today, albeit after me sending a strongly worded e-mail to them yesterday. Apparently they now accept that, concerning the instruction manual I received, the updated version on their website is correct and my version is wrong the latter thereby stating the incorrect use of the latitude adjuster bolts. They have asked me to return my manual by registered mail to them so they can inform the manufacturer of his error, not be a naughty boy and not to do it again. But no apology to me! This reinforces my original suspicions that, using my manual, the adjuster bolt procedure was flawed – which later you kindly confirmed here. Worst still, for me, the supplier finally confirmed (after my e to them requesting confirmation on this point 3 days ago) NOT to use stainless steel bolts as they could damage the mount’s internal thread. Great – and I’ve just paid out £28-50 for nothing I’m sure if I felt inclined I could raise a County Court Judgement and sue them in the small claims court for a complete new mount with a reasonable chance of winning plus expenses and punitive costs for my trouble. At least the supplier has agreed to send me a pair of replacement bolts free of charge that I requested earlier. It’s been a long week of needless scoping issues that the correct manual would have help eliminate from the beginning. At least then I would only have had myself to blame if I had chosen to ignore it! Let’s hope it’s all downwards (in the nicest sense) from now on – or should that be upwards?
  14. Well, after reassembling the various mount bits it appears that I'm ready once more to begin the fascinating pursuit of novice scoping! Last week I thought my new scope mount was 'no more' but a week in scoping is a long time. However, a slight downside is now the diameter of the adjuster bolt mount thread is slightly lager after forcing out the bent bolt. But at present it's still useable. Probably my best option later on is to obtain a helicoil kit from ebay, drill out the thread one size up then fit the coil which shouldre produce the original diameter thread. I've ordered two new adjuster bolts from the link offered by PorkyB which appear to be expensive but after my last week long ordeal of damaged scoping stuff- who cares!
  15. PorkyB, That's very interesting , thanks for the info. It's interesting how my supplier has gone very quiet and will not answer my e-mails. I guess being new to scoping I'm obviously naïve and have a big learning curve to bite on. I must concede that I've not been impressed with the operation of the existing latitude adjuster bolts from day one as the rear bolt became increasingly difficult to turn as the mount angle increased. Probably the result of me doing something wrong no doubt! I've been trying to get the suppliers to forward me replacements bolts free of charge but no reply to date. With me it's more the principle than the £12 price tag. Now that you've kindly directed to this link I shall buy a pair of these instead and hopefully find them more efficient to use. Then much better to spend precious time scoping than messing about with devious suppliers. Thanks again PorkyB. (not sure whether I'm thanking a chap or lady so I must be careful in case I'm accused of being sexist again!). 8-)
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