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  1. You also captured a Quasar 11 billion LY away.. http://www.astro-photo.nl/wp_astro/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/m51_march_2014_lum-inverted-quasar.jpg
  2. Thanks Gina & Snakey... I very much appreciate the replays and the encouragement... I pretty much knew there would be a fairly steep learning curve to imaging (easy to come to that conclusion while reading these imaging forums).. but I still plan on pushing forward and undertaking the challenge... and will lean heavily on this the very generous members of these forums for assistance . Thanks again and I apologize for hi-jacking Gina's awesome thread... I so look forward to following along with this thread and all the others the talented contributors here share. Gina.. I looked for
  3. I was excited to see this post by Gina... I have been doing tons of research prior to getting into astronomy, as it has been a major interest of mine for, well, decades... and have pretty much decided to go with MN190 paired with a burly mount.. observing initially then getting into imaging (another hobby) so pairing them only seemed natural (I built a tower-fort for my kids yrs ago and have schemed of eventually confiscating it and then retrofitting it into an 'obsy')... So seeing what Gina's MN190 was capable of redoubled my excitement... Then I read the following: LOL... what the h wa
  4. ^^ no edit feature.. that'll be a problem..
  5. Would not have thought this... but sinking the legs into turf does make sense My patio does heat up... in the summer.. for about 2 weeks.. I built my kids a tower fort some years ago... and am considering re-appropriating it.. and retrofitting it as an observatory... tho I am running into some resistance.. clear views south and west.. but treed north
  6. I have been lurking for quite a while... After decades of wonder, I have decided to take the plunge into Astronomy.. My house (Pacific Northwest) is situated such that I have great access to the east and south and have large windows in the second story which can open completely. This would allow viewing from them easily.. probably even tracking. My question is will this prove unsuitable since the temp of my OTA could not cool appropriately to allow good viewing? Viewing would be planetary initially but eventually DSO as experience is gained... I have other options for set up in my yard,
  7. I am about to pull triggers... I am getting the MN190.. I eventually desire to image with it.. is the iEQ45 V2 enough mount to handle it properly? thanks for any opinions
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