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  1. New Members 1 10 posts Location: Stamford, Lincs Posted Thursday at 17:11 (edited) Had these for a while, never used. Also on ABS. £50.00 plus P&P Offers considered Edited 2 minutes ago by kevlincoln
  2. Had these for a while, never used. Also on ABS. £65.00 plus P&P Offers considered
  3. Hi, Did you ever sell the field flattened? Regards, Kev
  4. Any chance you would consider sending it by courier? I may be able to send you suitable packaging.
  5. Hi Stu, Any pics of the AZEQ5 Mount please? Regards, Kev
  6. Hi, I have a dead battery problem on my Evolution. Searched for the video on youtube but can't find it. Any clues?
  7. It seems you can connect and use an external battery if the scope can be turned on using the internal one. If the scope is totally dead and will not switch on connecting an external power supply makes no difference. I have the dead battery problem. Unfortunately I bought scope used and it has been fine until now. I am hoping I can find out how to replace battery myself so any clues would be appreciated.
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