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  1. Fabio, sounds like you got a deal as good as it can get. What do you mean by these two things "the primary strongly tensioned (almost triangular), the focuser was squinted"?
  2. Hi Fabio, cheers for all the tips. I might look into shortening the tube myself - not sure yet - I will have to measure up the webcam and my camera focus to see how "little" I can get away with. If I ever sort out the spike - I will let you know - but its not looking like I will be able to.
  3. Yes - it does indeed - check out the post above from F in italy (an earlier one than the one with the star pics of his). In his post he says that the wide flaring is caused by the protrusion of the focuser so he cut his right back for astro photography. Which is why his stars above show round with no flaring - but note the one at the top - has the same artifact as mine (except mine is in more positions than his). This means (at a glance) - that the focuser is not the cause of the extra spike (given he has chopped his back - so has no flaring - but DOES have the extra spike).
  4. I'd be hard pressed to get the spiders more parallel than they are already without some kind of laser guided scientific device to be fair. They are all but hidden behind the yellow lines.
  5. That is incredible the way cutting off the focal tube has got rid of the flaring - how utterly stupid a design is that???????? The mind boggles. I can see your rogue diffraction spike too - if mine was in the outer region like yours rather than the middle of the image, I wouldnt bother with it. But unfortunately mine is all over the place.
  6. Will do that later today and test tonight if clear - yup. The rest is flocked.
  7. Ok - regarding the general flaring - I am not too worried about that, as I see it all the time on photo samples from the 200p where there are many bright stars in one shot. I admit - I don't like it - and may address it by cutting the focus tube down. The single stray spike is my pet hate though - I mean its wrecking my life (lol) - are you saying that is also characteristic of sw newts? Can you show me a pic displaying this problem from your 150?
  8. This is a close up of the star (just lower iso) - in the center of the frame. I think the flat left side of the circle is the intrusion from the focus tube maybe. (just for info really)
  9. Ive consolidated these into one image - pasting in the position of each shot. Im pleased with the collimation - the flaring is center in the center - and "directionally" towards the center in those images with the star around the edges. The green dots show the stars position when the extra spike does not show - the red dots are showing the spike. Strange or what? I will be honest - I dont know what this means or whether it helps at all? Just hoping someone will know where next to look.
  10. Ive done some pics tonight - moving a star around the mirror - interestingly, the spurious spike is in some pics and not others.
  11. This is in all images I have where a given star is bright enough to show the spikes. There are very few constellations which have multiple stars bright enough - Pleiades is one - but its not there atm. I will take a picture of a star in each corner instead.
  12. If its nice tonight I will do some more testing - lost a lot of time on collimation yesterday.
  13. The focus tube does - but I cant test this as its out of focus on a star by the time its retracted far enough - so no spikes anyway. There are 3 mirror clamps (black) holding the primary in place - these do show up in the secondary when looking through the collimation cap - I cant see it being these though - they have been there forever.
  14. To my eye they are straight, I actually twisted one though to see what effect it would have - I couldn't detect any effect so I put it back to how it was.
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