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  1. Hello mate, can you verify something for me, I've been reading that a dr Kaplan from Texas has been using the McDonald telescope and has been tracking a planet heading towards earth and hitting us in august, what is your input on this.
  2. Is it that simple??, if so thankyou for your help, I was gonna contact the makers of the telescope and see what they could do for a reasonable price.
  3. I was viewing Jupiter the other night and 1 of my locking knobs has worn the thread out on the mount, any help on how to fix would be great. Many thanks Karl.
  4. Cheers lads, last night was so clear, I ready instruction manual again last night and I think it was set up just slightly wrong so tonight I shall try again depending on the forecast, thankyou for all your feedback it's really helpful. Much appreciated. Karl.
  5. Cheers rich, I guess last night wasn't a good night to see Jupiter although the skies where I live we're so clear.
  6. Excellent thankyou very much your feedback has been very useful.
  7. Yeah that's the 1, so is it a good telescope??
  8. I'll try that thankyou, so is it a good telescope?
  9. Cheers mate, that makes sense. Is a Europa 150 a good telescope to see planets and stars??
  10. I have a Europa 150, can anyone tell me if this is a good telescope for seeing planets and stars, I was told when I brought it it was a good one for what I want it for, but tonight I tried to see Jupiter and it was poor.
  11. Can anyone help me I've had my telescope for about a year now, and tonight I tried to look at Jupiter but it was not clear at all, I have 9mm and 25mm Kellner eyepieces, and I couldn't really see Jupiter, can anyone help me in which eyepieces to get so I can see the planets.
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