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  1. Hi Paul Thanks for the info, that nailed it on the head. I sold my 12" Dob so now looking for a scope and mount to replace and primarily to do astro video, I was looking at the Skyprodigy series for the laziness and auto align function (meaning I don't have to go outside). I have noted down your points on the reducer and optical train, the only pieces I need are the f3.3 or f6.3, I have time to decide which one while I wait for a scope to come up, thanks for the taking the time. I'll update once I get a setup ready to go. Rob
  2. Hi again I'm looking at a 6" f10 (1500mm) SCT. I have a 1.25" 0.5x focal reducer. However I have forgot what I need for astro video, do I need something different, like the meade f6.3 reducer? Sorry I can't remember the formula for this. Hope someone can help! Thanks Rob
  3. Great thanks for the advice, now to find a scope suitable! I was looking a compact 8", something like a Nexstar 8 or similar but they are slow scopes. Do you have any suggestions for something portable and compact but fast? Thanks Rob
  4. Hi all, I've been happily and quietly using my PD colour camera for around 2 years and love it. I know there are better cameras and tech out there but for once I have been absorbed in the hobby and not the gear! You all helped me get my setup together and its wonderful, great to look outside to the freezing cold whilst nestled up with a cuppa in the early hours controlling my scope from indoors Definetly found my corner of astronomy. Thanks for helping me get there! I have been trying to contact Phil Dyer for some questions but so far he has not responded and isn't picking up the phone - does anyone know if he is still in business? My question is I have recently moved and my new house is a pig for gear storage and setup and as such my scope is upstairs. Hauling that 12" goto Dob up and down isn't fun and I am worried I break something. I am thinking of downgrading to something easier to handle, my questions is what effect from going from 12" to say 8" would have? Would i notice a huge difference or minor? I don't mind loosing some but if the chnage is huge then I will need to rethink my strategy! Hope someone can help! Thanks Rob
  5. Thanks - I may still get a focuser but its great to know you still adjust. I'll let you know how I get one. Thanks again for your help everyone, can't wait to start observing and see some serious views!!
  6. Great thanks Steve, I understand about the lenght of the tubes as I don't have the scope yet I was unsure how to lock them into position other than the standard full height, I don't think mine will have the additional holes as its a few years old. So if you use it 1-2cm before the full lock point are you just tightening screws against the tubes? Thanks for the link, exactly what I need! Cheers for all the great help so far Rob
  7. Thanks Hemmi I am picking it up on Saturday - its a 12" Skywatcher GoTo Flex Tube. I'm planning on placing some tubing on the trusses of equal length rather than cut the original ones then trying to lock them in place, I will see how it goes though! Thanks for the info on the focuser, unfortunately budget only allows for it and I can't find another with a low profile as this, unless you have an idea of another? Does I'll have to think of a way or I need to buy more filters! Thanks Rob
  8. Super! Thanks! I spoke to Phil today so my camera will be on its way now. I read somewhere about shortening the trusses, I just guess you need to ensure collimation is bang on after you do it. My last conundrum is the optical train; I'm going to get this focuser - http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/skywatcher-dual-speed-low-profile-1252-inch-crayford-focuser.html Now I want to use a focal reducer and also, possibly some of my filters. However all my filters are 2". If the nose-piece is 1.25" where are my filters and focal reducer going to go? (I haven't bought one yet so guidance on 1.25" or 2" would be great). Should I place a 1.25" focal reducer on the nose-piece and my filters on focuser adapter? Or should I try and mount the reducer (2" in this case) onto the filter and then both to the adapter? I'm getting everything on the weekend or thereabouts but I want to flock the dob and so some minor mods to help the goto and seal the base unit prior to using it. I'll start another thread once I have everything and do a 'Newbie Video Astronomy' thread and include all the conundrums I have met and asked questions about - followed of course by some pictures and videos! (May be a few weeks though!) Clear skies Rob
  9. Thanks alot Paul great info. If I do have issues with focus do I need an extended c mount? Like the ones at the bottom of the page? http://www.modernastronomy.com/camerasAstroVideo.html I think I'll use the PC to start because of its versatility, cheaper and easier for the time and also I can use if I goto dark sites.
  10. Hi all I took the plunge and have begun getting a setup together for AV. I owned a Watec 120N and done quite a bit 2 years ago but since then I have had to sell my scopes to buy a house and have am just now getting back into it. So so far I have; 12" Skywatcher Flex Tube Dobsonian GoTo Phil Dyer Camera (full package) UHC/LP/OIII and RGB Filters I also do visual observing so was going to change the focuser to a 10:1 but I have read here and there if I use a reducer the in focus changes, so I am wondering what the effect of using a different fouser would do. This thread shows a different camera but the same scope, however I'm unsure of the setup I would need with my 300p. Does the 0.5x focal reducer attached directly to the camera? http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/123173-samsung-video-dobson-xx12i/ The other question was with regards to a monitor - is a laptop sufficient or does other (I have seen people using old cctv monitor) viewing devices yield better results? I have tried to contact Phil but the number on his site isn't working and I have not had an email back yet which is slightly worrying, however I understand this is probably more of a hobby than a business for him. Hope someone can help. Cheers Rob
  11. Ok thanks, I also don't think it will fit just from looking. Cheers Rob
  12. I'm going to be buying a dobsonian soon and was wanting to upgrade the Crayford, could anyone tell me if this would fit? http://www.gsotelescope.com.tw/admin/disk/Focuser/gs880-mcrf.jpg Thanks Rob
  13. Hi Ron, Check this link; http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-events-local-meetings/84037-anyone-want-some-silica-gel.html Cheers, Rob
  14. Hi Jamie, Welcome to SGL, your gonna have some great places to go and observe! I'm from Troon, wish I could get back more often, the galloway hills are a great dark location!! Anyways good luck and I hope you get some great nights. Clear skies, Rob
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