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  1. I hold them in my mouth. Maybe I need a small table of sorts next to the scope where I can put my glasses down. This would also serve a dual purpose as I could put my extra eyepieces and accessories on it as well. I am usually scrabbling around in my accessory boxes on the ground looking for things. Never thought of holding specs in my mouth. Great suggestion Small table wd be handy too.
  2. Got to see the optometrist on Friday. Was wondering about contacts but now think if they are expensive and uncomfortable I will just get specs. I will try a few pairs on and push them up on top of my head - see if they stay put for observing.
  3. Jeez I hate those shows. They waste half your viewing time
  4. Thanks Peter, Had another look tonight and the spikes are indeed on both sides in the 12 x 50's as well as my 8 x 42's (both Bushnell XLT roof). Still they are both excellent for day time viewing, no problem with stars or smaller planets (eg Venus and Mars) - just the big one, Jupiter! Which just happens to be the nicest one to view. Oh well. I'm going to make an appointment with the optometrist to check my eyes too. See what he says. Thanks again, Cheers Claire.
  5. Well I have purchased my new binoculars Bushnell xlt 12 x 50. They have roof prisms. They are wonderfully clear and sharp (and almost too bright for the full moon) except when I view Jupiter which shows a little spike which moves as I move slightly. Would this be because they are roof prism? Or could it be because of my not fabulous eyesight? In my younger years when I looked at the full moon I would see about 6 or more ghosty crescent "images" surrounding the sides and bottom of the moon - oddly this has improved with age (now 55 years young lol). I now see only 2 faint crescents. I really like these binos but just wondering if I should have bought porros. Any thoughts?
  6. I will be getting out - up in the mid north of SA very soon!! (cheesy grin)
  7. Hello from Adelaide, South Australia. I am a beginner to stargazing. Got cranked up after I bought my 8 x 42 binoculars for nature viewing and now cant stop looking at the skies! (along with my smart phone and skymap app).12 x 50's will be next. Soon! (I would add a smilie, but havent figured out how to do this yet). Then a dobsonian... Cheers to all at Stargazers.
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