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    Astronomy, Scuba Diving, Motorcycling, Music.
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  1. Virgo

    hi to one and all

    Hello and welcome Andy from me
  2. Awesome i'm gonna pick one up tomorrow
  3. Need some friends :(

  4. I can't give any help George but i will be keeping an eye on this thread as i hope to try my hand at Astrophotography very soon myself.
  5. Virgo

    Hey :)

    Hellos and welcome Orley
  6. Big Welcomes from me Steve
  7. Kewl thank you, just wanted to check it a normal screw
  8. Hiya Dave and welcome from a lass in Wilts as well
  9. Yes its another stuck adjustment screw question. I asked my partner if he could move my scope while i was out and upon looking at it i found the offending bit stuck tight, my question is does it unlock clockwise or counter clockwise? I have rtfm'd but it is not apparent in any of the bumfff that came with it and i can't remember which way it was..... Denise
  10. Virgo


    Lol yup i can see my set up going that way soon, i have already managed to commandeer my partners camera
  11. Virgo


    ellos and welcome leticia
  12. Hello and welcome from a noob across the pond Dave
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