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  1. I really want to buy this as I have a old sky watcher and its not great for astro photography. What kind of mount goes with this? And what other accessories will I need to think of .
  2. Hi I am very much interested. I have a canon 70 D and I shoot with Samyung 14mm. I am really keen to buy this. How do we go about this? btw , can you connect this to a scope. Sorry, pretty new with this at the moment, Hoping to learn. Laks
  3. Hi I own a Skywatcher SynScan 130P Explorer but I find it does not take good astro images and now I hardly use it which is really sad and with some money coming in the next few months I want to sell it and buy another good scope to support taking pics of the night sky. Well, my question and I need advice : Since I am really enjoying photographing the night sky at the moment, I am using my Canon 70 D on a good tripod with Samyung 14mm or Tokina 11- 14mm. I have got some ok pics from this of the Milky Way but I am not greatly satisfied with the results much. As an upgrade, I am kee
  4. Hi Do you still have this for sale? Iam really interested. I am a canon user and own 70D , but I really now need a astro modified one. Do you use filters with this?
  5. Thanks ....will buy the books as I am struggling with this too.
  6. Hi Chris This is amazing! this maybe a stupid question...I going to upgrade my scope from SW explorer 130P supa trak as I am finding it hard to get any decent pics. Did you connect your canon to the scope or is this from your camera ?
  7. Thanks for your replies., extremely useful. I bought a wifi dongle as it was cheaper than SynScan ...hoping that works. I find this tracking thing supplied with my scope very difficult to even understand.
  8. Hello I have a telescope -SkyWatcher Explorer-130P SupaTrak Newtonian Reflector auto Telescope and it has a heavy duty tracking device ( pic attached). I have had this scope for a few years and did pretty much basic with this and never understood how to use this device. I have the time now to spend with the scope during this social distancing time and I am totally unaware of how to efficiently use the tracking. I know how to move up, down, left and right. I don't think it has wifi and it looks very basic ...please can someone explain how to set this up. Pleaseeeeee can someone help ...
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