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  1. Hullo! You'll soon figure out that EQ mount, they can be a bit of a pain but a little perseverance will see you right
  2. Image may help, too much wine last night
  3. Finally the cloudy skies have parted, greats views tonight!
  4. All I can see now is my latest issue in this app, anyone else having an issue on the iPad?
  5. Nice to see its such a personal subject, at the end of the day enjoyment is the key! Great replies guys
  6. If you wobble any further I have a good home ready & waiting
  7. Loose sounds familiar! I tend to boarder on loose scrawl...
  8. Now I'm starting to get a little more confident out with the scope, setting & finding targets I've started to understand the importance of taking notes (however simple). Helps confirm I'm seeing what I think I am back in the warmth! Great way to learn My question to you all is what things do you take notes on? Do you sketch? Simple? In depth? Couldn't care less? Like everything else I am sure people have varying opinions on the matter
  9. Jupiter should be your first port of call, it's bright, high & unmissable at the moment. Face South and look up, you can't miss it. Glorious! This is what you'll see at a fairly low power (Tuesday night, 20mm eyepiece in an 90mm astromaster refractor)
  10. Impressive! Great detail
  11. Loverly captures! Wish I'd made the effort to get out the City!
  12. Great results with your phone! I'm gonna have to try a little harder next time!
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