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  1. It's an Astrozap aluminum dewshield and it's great No problem with dew, and I also love the way it looks.
  2. After the loss of a close friend, I was cooped up in the house for over a week. It felt so strange, even wrong, that the world just kept moving on. I've been feeling much more "normal" the last few days and even that feels wrong in a way...but the only way to move is forward. Tonight I finally had the energy to get the scope out again, and I'm so glad I did For the first time, I was able to get the scope perfectly aligned. I did the two-star align with an additional calibration star, and polar alignment. My new Telrad made this soooo much easier! After that, the GoTo feature was flawless. I
  3. My boyfriend tells me all the time that I can just look at pictures of the same stuff online.
  4. I few days ago, my CGEM 800 arrived. I was originally planning on using it tomorrow night for the first time, but halfway on my way to work this evening, I was called by my employer...they put me on call for the night. So I raced home and set up my scope in the front yard. I did my best with my first alignment attempt, but it took some manual adjusting to find what I was looking for after the alignment procedures. I'll just keep practicing I guess! First I took a look at the moon, it was very nice. Then I managed to find Jupiter and four of it's moons. It was awesome! I was able to make out so
  5. I will probably get a dew heater strip eventually I've spent enough for the last couple of days, though, so I guess I'll give my bank account a break lol. I also have an observing chair, a lens and filter kit, a Telrad, an AC adapter, and of course the dew sheild on the way right now. And recycling doesn't come for another week...our garage is going to be full of boxes for a while!
  6. I have a dew shield on the way, but will probably try out my scope before it gets here. What is the safe way to clean dew from my scope? And can dew be damaging in any way? I've been told that I shouldn't even touch it with a lens cloth (used for glasses, etc). I've also heard I could use a blow dryer on it's lowest setting. Thanks for being such troopers with my newbie questions! Again, I have a shield on the way, so I don't need recommendations on a dew shield. Sorry, I just posted this same question on another forum and was getting suggestions for a dew shield...which I said I already orde
  7. Thanks everyone! I have several accessories on the way already It looks like there *might* be a couple of nights next week when I might be able to break it in. Fingers crossed!
  8. Here it is! Should have 1 or 2 clear nights next week to break it in
  9. Thanks!! Also, the equatorial mount I'm getting comes with a single counterweight. Will I need to get a second counterweight when I add the dew shield and Telrad/Rigel?
  10. My CGEM 800 is due to arrive tomorrow, and I've been looking at this Telrad. Would anyone recommend this? http://www.telescopes.com/telescope-accessories/finderscopes/telradreflexsightwithmountingbase.cfm?aid=43737&source=pjn I also like these aluminum dew shields. This one says it's for Celestron 8" SCT, so it should work, right? http://www.astrozap.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=108 Any other suggestions are welcome!
  11. Not actually a fan of sports...I've driven by their stadium before, though Everyone here has been very nice so far, thank you all for the warm welcomes!
  12. I decided on the CGEM 800 by Celestron.
  13. Hi, I'm new here, and I've just ordered my first telescope. After a few months of research, I decided on the CGEM 800 by Celestron. It seems like a good choice for both casual observing, and getting started in astrophotography. One thing I'm particularly anxious about is getting the alignment right. I've read multitudes about it and watched some videos on YouTube, but I'm still a little intimidated. Is this something that will make more sense when my telescope gets here and I'm able to practice? Any pointers or links you could give me to break it down a little more would be very appreciated, t
  14. I've been a fan of the skies for as long as I can remember, but have only just ordered my first telescope after a few months of research. I'm very excited to get started observing, and hope I can get a lot of tips from the people on this forum
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