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  1. Cool. I went there a couple of years back and was a bit disappointed by the skies. Was hoping it would be more like Rhodes where the sky was like jewels. There was quite a lot of streetlight everywhere. Great fun though.
  2. Wow, congrats. Great kit you have there.
  3. Thanks have turn left at orion and pocket sky handbook from my binocular days so am all set up, I suppose it's not knowing what is possible with the 4 inch compared to the bins- a learning experience. Having some targets from you guys is helpful, thanks.
  4. great thanks will give that a go. Have stellarium on iphone now. Haven't been able to download the whatsapp for some reason.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm having trouble with stellarium, will have another go at working it out and will try that other app listed too. Thanks for listing those targets- that will give me something to focus on. I have an iphone and ipad and have downloaded Skymap -which is useful as a ballpark map but am needing my paper maps too.
  6. Thinking about what I should be realistically searching for / expecting to see in this summer grey sky with my 4 inch scope. i had a couple of good weekends and did the visible planets and constellations. This weekend it's been all cloudy and disappointing. What should I aim for now from the backyard? Have good views to the west, east and southeast but am in a red zone and to the southeast/east sits London in all it's orange glory. To see the north I'd have to transport it to the top of the hill but north is nice and dark as all forest. Any guidance appreciated as with the light nights am keen
  7. Ah, you were to blame Pat. i wondered who it was.
  8. Well, you know, I didn't want to beat around the bush
  9. Thanks Steve, a bit of an extravagant outlay for a beginner really but I had a rubbish year and thought to hell with it. Everyone I know spends money on cars and clothes and going out- I don't (am in danger of being thrown out of Essex for lack of effort ) so thought I'd blow it on something I'll use. It's been nice and easy to use, even my 9 year old can focus it. i've got to get used to star hopping with it and a big learning curve is ahead. I replied to your pm, thank you for thinking of me.
  10. cheers Dan. I won't be able to come this week but I'll hopefully make a meet up soon. I'm much too much of a beginner to advise you but it seems a very good visual scope from what I've seen so far (hoping to get back out in the garden tonight weather permitting). I'd be grateful for someone who actually knows what they're doing to try it out and it would be great to see what different eyepieces can do (I'd appreciate all the expertise you guys have, although I'll be a bit embarrassed at being such a total novice).
  11. Yeah, I meant it to be a lighthearted post, I'm not that bothered really, honestly, my eyes are dry and everything. Just a bit surprising to work in such a big place with loads of clubs and societies but not for this. Of course it might be they just don't want me to join it
  12. yes I know a lot of people with weird and wonderful hobbies. Just a shame I don't know anyone with the same one as mine. Not guilt really- just would've been nice is all to share a couple of beers (and eyepieces ). I did a sweep at work but nada. At work there are sewing groups, book clubs, footie and hockey clubs, people who bet on reality tv outcomes(!!) and plenty who'll come down the pub with me. But no-one into looking up...
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