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  1. Hi, I'm pretty sure there's no worm movement (if you're talking about worm end float). "How have you set the gear train?", I don't understand the question I'm afraid, if you're referring to the gears on the side it's a belt modded mount. I am wondering how you preload correctly on the dec axis though. Maybe thats the problem. Thanks for all the replies, pretty certain I'm just getting the rebuild wrong somewhere. I'm not the most mechanically minded but I like to try.
  2. Hi, done all that I'm afraid, It's belt modded as well.
  3. The the thing is though, I tune it till I can't feel backlash by hand and there's no play. The Dec axis is rock solid but still moves smoothly but I still get significant backlash. I'm a bit baffled.
  4. Could be, in my case I'm getting good results with the RA and worse backlash with the dec. There was a damaged main shaft bearing in the dec that I replaced with a 6006z not zz so I'm wondering if that could be the cause. PHD2 reports thats the dec backlash is 6000ms. There's no play in the dec and I can't detect any backlash when turning the worm by hand. The dec turns quite smoothly once I have it set up. The only thing I can think of is that the worm and worm wheel are misaligned.
  5. And to be fair there was a couple of cock ups in the Apollo program too. At least there was no loss of life with this one.
  6. Cheers Billy, I have looked at that thread, but in another thread a different bearing model number was given and I'm trying to get a definitive answer. Although I suppose Astrobaby would know thinking about it.
  7. Weird would have thought a few people on here would know.
  8. Any one any the wiser on this?
  9. I'm looking to replace the bearing on my heq5 pro and I want to make sure I get the right ones. Does this list look right? 6x 6006 2RS - these are main RA and Dec shafts bearings 2x 30205 - tapered rolled bearings 4x 689z (or 618/9) - these are small bearings for worm shafts I've also seen the main shaft bearings given as 6006Z, and the worm bearings as 689ZZ. I just want to make sure I get the right items so any help is appreciated.
  10. Technically yes, but theres no monitors, computers or cameras involved as far as I'm aware. At that point it's more like more traditional observing. There's not a lot of overlap between live stacking/Cam and monitor based EAA and NV. It would be great for NV to have its own section but if there's only four people posting in it it does seem a little pointless to me.
  11. There's obviously a difference between EAA and NV. As an occasional EEA'er myself I have no problem describing what I do as a branch of imaging. NV seems to be geared towards to purely visual observing so maybe it would be best being discussed in the observing forums until the branch becomes more popular. This may have the effect of exposing more people to this aspect of the hobby too. I'm fine with being placed in a section alongside NV, but maybe for now that isn't the best way to go about it.
  12. I think I have an idea on this. I'm using a teflon washer thats a little thicker than the original clear nylon washer so the worm may be slightly misaligned with the worm gear. Obviously I'll need to try different washer thicknesses to see what gets the best results, but is there a good starting point? Say 0.1mm thickness and then go up by 0.1mm a time from there?
  13. I'll give it another go after I've readjusted then. Just seems strange it would work loose.
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