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  1. At another decade on to your age and you get to mine. I just started on this hobby this year and bought my first scope. If the sky should ever clear I will try to do some astro photography as well as visual. Ron
  2. ronw

    How much...

    I was sunny up in Fort William today so I think I will Join you. Ron
  3. ronw

    Rons Efforts

    My efforts to master Astro Photography.
  4. Magic Lantern is a great piece of software. Great for start trails, and a host of other astro work. I have been using it for some time with the Canon 60d, not on astro but on time lapse, muli shot, hdr, just to mention a few of its uses. I have never used it with video yet, but there is still time. Ron
  5. ronw

    Hello from Scotland

    Thank you all for the kind and helpful tips. I will listen to all that is said. My equipment at the moment Celestron 130 eq Neximage 5 ccd camera Canon 60D dslr A few filters , moon, red, blue 2x barlow As well as all the fittings to fix the cameras to the scope. Had the scope since December but weather and other distractions have meant that it has only been out 3 time. Ron
  6. Having just taken up the hobby of astronomy in the last 6 months I thought it time to join the group. My main interest will be in astro photography, having a lot of years in photography, and for some time a professional wedding photographer I am now starting at the bottom. My Learning curve will as I have read be steep. I will try to be a regular poster on the forum. Ron
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