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  1. Hi all, back again with a few more items. IDAS D1 Light Pollution Suppression Filter 48mm. I can't find the original box for the filter so it will come in a UV filter box. £120 including shipping: Hoya 58mm UV(C) Digital HMC Screw-in Filter, £5 including postage: Canon 40607 T2-EOS T Ring, £10 including postage: Skywatcher 0.9x Coma Corrector - SOLD Preferred payment is bank transfer, if not the PayPal. Please PM me if interested, rather than replying to topic. Thanks for looking.
  2. Has anyone got any links to guides for processing widefield images taken with a camera on a static tripod? I went to Spain recently and got some great 30-60 second shots (no calibration shots, just lots of subs) under some very dark skies, and I have Pix, but I'm not sure how to get the most out of the stacked images.
  3. Book is yours if you still want it? I now realise I should have asked for PMs only - this is getting confusing...sorry about that. I'll modify the other threads to say that, but carry on as normal here, thanks.
  4. Sold (sorry fozzybear but mikeyj1 had first dibs as he messaged me first). If you PM me then we can sort payment, and hopefully I can post it tomorrow.
  5. Everything is now sold, thanks all! Rigel Quikfinder - £20 - SOLD Premium Cheshire collimating eyepiece with collimation cap - £18 - SOLD Making Every Photon Count - £13 - SOLD Thanks for looking Ian
  6. Back again, this time with my guide scope and accessories. All in good condition again. Guide cam has a few dust bunnies but it doesn't affect guiding. Prices include postage to UK. Postage abroad may be a bit more (will have to check with post office). Please PM me if you are interested in anything, rather than replying to topic. Orion 50mm guide scope - £40 - SOLD Altair Astro GPCAM Guide Cam (a few dust bunnies) - £60 - SOLD Hitecastro EQDIR EQMOD Adaptor for HEQ5 Pro - SOLD Thanks for looking Ian
  7. Hi all, Another ad from me, this time listing my telescope and accesories. Again, everything is in good condition. Prices include postage to UK. Postage abroad may be a bit more (will have to check with post office). Please PM me if you are interested in anything, rather than replying to topic. Skywatcher 130P-DS OTA with 2” 28mm eyepiece, finderscope - £100 - ideally pickup only (in which case will include in pictured Slazenger bag), otherwise can consider posting in original box Skywatcher 1.25” 2x Barlow - £15 130mm Bhatinov mask - £10 - SOLD Astrozap solar filter for 130mm scope - £30 - SOLD Thanks for looking Ian
  8. EVERYTHING IS NOW SOLD, THANK YOU I've decided to sell my astro gear as I want to invest my time in other hobbies including wildlife photography (which means an expensive lens is required apart from anything else), and I still intend to do wide-angle astrophotography when I can get to dark skies. Anyway, this will be listing 1 of 4. Everything is in good condition. Prices include postage to UK. Postage abroad may be a bit more (will have to check with post office). Please PM me if you are interested in anything, rather than replying to topic. This is what I am selling: HEQ5 Pro SynScan with handset and cable, and battery power cable - £500 ono - SOLD HEQ5 upgraded latitude bolts - £15 - SOLD Tracer 12v 22Ah battery - £120 - SOLD Thanks for looking. Ian
  9. Quick question if anyone can help - I've got a load of Astro stuff to sell (about 25 items). Am I able to advertise them all in one thread, and then edit the post and cross each one out as it sells? And will I be able to attach all of the photos to the one post (27 photos, totalling 54MB?
  10. Thanks, will give that a look, and have a look at the lens thread too
  11. I suppose the next question would be, what would be a reasonable offer for everything in my signature minus the camera and laptop, and for everything minus just the laptop (in case I wanted to sell the camera too and get a new one)?
  12. Thanks, good idea, I'll try selling together and invite offers. Might be tricky with the mount being pickup only but I'm sure it's worth a try.
  13. I've been doing this astrophotography lark for a while now, and it's been tough what with being in a second-floor flat, light pollution, endless cloudy nights etc. And at the same time my interest in wildlife photography has been growing, so I've decided that I want to sell my astrophotography equipment, and put the money towards a decent high-power zoom lens (and probably a better camera too) so that I can pursue the wildlife photography more. I will still do widefield camera-on-tripod imaging however, whenever I get the chance to travel to dark spots. So really I was just wondering what people's opinions are on the best way to go about selling the equipment. Would I be best off trying to sell it all as a package (could be tough because there are a few bits in there which I don't need so I guess they wouldn't either), or do I sell everything individually (which would be a pain posting everything individually)? And would I be best listing the equipment on here or on Astro Buy/Sell, or both? One of the items is the HEQ5 Pro Synscan so that'll have to be pickup only I guess. Any advice welcome, thanks.
  14. I started another thread asking if extra lights or calibration frames are the way to go and most people think that for just the camera it'll be best to go all out for lights. It also looks like darks won't be worth it, bias are easy (although maybe pointless unless I do flats too), and flats are the tricky one. I think I'll get as many lights as possible, and if I can get flats and bias when back inside then fine, but I've seen an amazing photo which is just stacked lights so I'm not going to worry about calibration frames too much.
  15. Thanks everyone, I've decided that I'll take as many lights as possible, do bias at my leisure, and be very careful with the optics and hopefully do flats when back inside.
  16. Wow that is one impressive photo! And yes it is a DSLR (Canon 1100D). I'm relieved to hear that lights are the way to go, because I can well imagine calibration frames eating up valuable time. When you say "you can get away with lens correction data for the flats perhaps taking one which you can use to get the dust delete data which can be stored in camera", what would I do exactly? Would I take a single flat, and then get the camera to detect dust in that flat and store the data, and then have the camera apply that data to all of my lights?
  17. When doing astrophotography under dark skies with just a camera (no telescope) and with time being a factor, would I be better off devoting time to subs/darks/flats/bias (doing bias indoors afterwards), or would I be better off just taking as many subs as possible? It'll be a rare chance for me to get under dark skies (assuming there's a clear night), so I'd like to know which option is likely to be the most productive.
  18. Yes I'll try another practice, although I'm sure it'll be fine. And even using the timer remote I'm guessing I should switch to autofocus once I have focus because I guess that might mean that focus is more likely to hold. When using the telescope I started taking my flats in manual mode because in AV mode at 100ISO the camera was taking really long exposures. But when just using the camera and doing AV mode and 100ISO the exposures are nice and short and the histogram is always bang in the middle. Although I'm still reluctant to bother with calibration frames. I'll either go all out and do flats/darks/bias, or do no calibration frames at all and just do as many lights as possible instead. It'll depend on how much time I have (probably not much).
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