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  1. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, June 2018

    Thanks Steve . Will try to spot Vesta - weather permitting - before it gets too low in the sky.
  2. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, February 2018

    Many thanks Steve. Much appreciated as always. Perhaps this is the month I finally bag an asteroid! Here's hoping the Crowdfunder appeal for binoculars for your outreach activities is successful. It's a great initiative and deserves plenty of support.
  3. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, January 2018

    Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. All the best for 2018!
  4. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, August 2017

    Thanks Steve. Nice to see Eddie's Coaster mentioned!
  5. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, July 2017

    Thanks Steve - much appreciated as always. Great review of the Opticron T WP 10x50 bins - quite tempted!
  6. I had a few minutes with them last night during a brief break in the clouds. Two things immediately struck me: - the familiar outline of Cygnus disappeared amongst the background stars that were now suddenly visible. - Delphinus, which is always very faint from my location 'leapt' out. Similarly Sagitta. Tomorrow night's forecast looks promising, so I hope to give them a longer outing then. As for the focusing range, it seems pretty much what I've come to expect from other bins. My 'stronger' eye (~ -3.5) could be accommodated, just. My other eye, about 1 diopetre weaker, was slightly outside the range. Even so, the view was very good. I did try wearing specs, but as others have noted, it gives a less immersive view. One more thing I meant to add in my earlier post: when I was unpacking, I noticed a worrying rattle. I feared the worst, but the cause just turned out to the two zip pullers on the pouch jangling together! What a relief that was.
  7. Mine arrived an hour ago! :-) They were well packed: in the padded carrying pouch, inside a cardboard box, in a thick layer of bubble wrap, inside another cardboard box, inside a padded mailer! They took 13 days to arrive. I thought it might be sooner, because I was sent a picture of the addressed package soon after I ordered them. The label was all in English and the from address was in West Drayton. There was a tracking number, but no carrier info, though the track.aftership.com site suggested it was Yodel. Sometimes the Yodel site said they were waiting for the package. At other times, the number was not recognized at all. That was the case for about 10 days until the Yodel site finally confirmed they had it. Why the delay? Here's what I think may have happened: the package was shipped from China within a larger shipment bound for the UK and the supplier assigned a tracking number in advance from Yodel. Anyway, they arrived here safely within the shipping time specified. The bins are just as I expected and look pretty solid. It's overcast now, but could clear a little later on. Fingers crossed. I'll report back when I've been able to make use of them. Clear skies...
  8. Got an email saying it's been shipped (from a UK warehouse). Tracking number, no courier details, but probably Yodel :-(. Hope they treat it better than this guy:
  9. Yes, the lower price was for a flash sale, now ended.
  10. Thanks Joseki, haitch for replies. Bins ordered - fingers crossed!
  11. How much was insurance? I didn't see that as an option up front (just various shipping options, one of which was expedited and cost £7).
  12. Plus ~£14 VAT on delivery? The comments on the cloudynights forum are very favourable. They could be a bargain, or a nightmare depending on the vendor. Any experience of gearbest anyone?
  13. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, June 2016

    Thanks Steve - very much appreciated as always!
  14. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, January 2016

    Many thanks Steve - greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!
  15. mattbee

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, December 2015

    Many thanks Steve - much appreciated as always. Great review of the Vixen binos. Top of my list now and s*d the upgrade to decent 15x70s.

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