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  1. Wow! WOW! Over how long is that animation? Ie is it real time or sped up? Andy
  2. I love the way the prominence has come out with red background and black sun. Need to give that a go myself. What are your settings in Photoshop to get those colours? Amdy
  3. NB The original was 54MB because I didn't think about size when I loaded it up. Sorry for that! I used dithering on AS3 which was why size of image rocketed so much. Never sure if dithering on solar images is of any use.
  4. Looks like you are actually there!
  5. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing
  6. Daystar Quark Calcium H. Equinox Pro 100mm ZWO 178MM (fan cooled) AndySun_115600_170721_ZWO ASI174MM(23710916)_lapl5_ap1187_Drizzle30 ImPPG 240721 PS+colourise.tif Sun_120404_170721_ZWO ASI174MM(23710916)_lapl5_ap476_Drizzle30 stack+crop PS-GradEterm ImPPG PS+colourise 210721@1750.tif
  7. Thanks for the advice, Richard
  8. Solar prominence from 12/8/2021, from Lichfield, UK, taken with Daystar Quark Chromosphere, Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA, ZWO 178MM Cool at -5C, Daystar full aperture ERF. Andy
  9. Wow! What a photo. I have just purchased a ZWO ASI 071MC Pro but I dont think I will be producing images like this! Andy
  10. Thanks for such a great report! I was shocked at the photos of ice on the scope! I also own a David Lukehurst scope and can attest to its quality. Andy
  11. I am sure this multiwavelength image shows some science - although not quite sure what! Andy
  12. Magnesium image of sun from 2/6/2021. Magnesium Quark - lacks detail - I think due to poor seeing but could be poor focus. Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA Andy Sun_114609_020621_ZWO ASI174MM(23710916) stack+crop+ImPPG+PS+colourise.tif
  13. From 2/6/2021 Triband image of Sun with HA mapped to red, sodium to orange, calcium to blue Andy
  14. I have received this reply from Rowan Astronomy which explains the problem I am experiencing: Hello Andrew, Thank you for your e-mail., From your description I think you have an older HEQ5 mount. These mounts have the transfer gear mounted on a shaft with a hex head. This photo shows the type. http://rowanastronomy.com/lphoto5.htm Once the grub screw is loosened the shaft has to be unscrewed from the motor plate. The hole in the motor the plate is threaded and there are 2 options to fit the idler roller shaft. a. Cut the idler roller shaft with a dremel or grinder and then epoxy the idler shaft in position. b. Drill the motor plate through with a 5.0mm drill to remove the thread. I recommend this is done on a drill press and not ‘free hand with a pistol drill to ensure the hole is drilled square to the plate. The idler roller shaft is then fixed in position with the side locking grub screw. Kind regards, Dave Rose Rowan Engineering Ltd www.rowanengineering.com
  15. Hi All Can someone offer advice? I started process of HEQ5 Rowan belt mod this morning only to find that both RA and Dec motors on my HEQ5 Pro only have ONE grub screw on gear axis rather than two as stated on the mod instructions. I have loosened the one grub screw but the gear will not pull out - according to instructions it should now slide out easily but it won't budge a mm! What do I do? Andy
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