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  1. unfortunately tonight I have more clouds and rain here in San Diego...
  2. Radman40, the asteroid is currently around magnitude 17 and will be magnitude 9 at its brightest on the 26th, as for where to look,
  3. I recently stumbled on this==>http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/asteroid-to-fly-by-earth-safely-on-january-26/#.VLcuzivF-q_ while reading stuff on NASA's website and this is something i definitely want to see. Its closest point to us will be about three times as far as the moon, so i think we're safe. Asteroid 2004 BL86 is said to be the closest asteroid to pass by the earth for the next 200 years. The asteroid also will be the largest one around until the predicted asteroid 1990 AN10 flies past in 2027. I am hoping to observe it .
  4. Thanks, I didn't quite understand what some of them meant.
  5. Nice looking images. looks great, but how long were the exposures? just curious.
  6. Negative feelings about clouds

  7. Got a picture of Jupiter quite a while back, found it while scrolling through some folders. I'm ok with the image, but i wish i took shorter exposures and just stacked them. Well, time for more imaging! Moons from top to bottom: Ganymede, Io, Europa, Calypso.
  8. Finally, with Saturn at a good position (well, for me) i guess i will be spending a bit of time checking it out. It has been really cloudy for a few weeks and now its finally cleared up. Last time i looked at it, i didn't know what to look at. Anything I should look out for this week?
  9. Amazing. Im glad i stumbled onto this thread. This is quite a project, great job. Grwat pictures too.
  10. So I've been reading about this other comet that I've never heard of, linear. Apparently it is around the same area a Comet Panstarrs. Also there is a possibility of a meteor shower from the comet. More info on http://www.space.com/25848-comets-visible-may-night-sky.html
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