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  1. Could you give us a few more details on how you did this please? Seems like a great idea Thanks
  2. Tom, yeah i grabbed stellarium, it's a really amazing program isnt it. Due to the cloud for the last month or so ive spent more time on stellarium than anything else! I even programmed my telescope and camera parameters in so i get an idea what to expect.
  3. Yeah me too stenik, been looking for a cheap second hand copy, looks like the book to have
  4. Good advice rusty! Just need to spend more time at the eyepiece!
  5. Also, i did seem to find the 13mm was the "sweet spot" for viewing, when i went to higher magnification things seems to go downhill. I'm guessing this is to do with the "seeing", the quality of my actual eyes and also the quality of the eyepieces (regular celestron plossls). As im led to believe going above 200x is very dependant on the above factors? Ali
  6. Def wanna start looking for some of the messier objects, i just hope 6 inches is enough! (i'm sure we've all thought this!) As a aside, the 8ah tracer battery seems to power the scope for quite a few hours, well worth the £120 from FLO.
  7. defo rusty, will have another go with darker skies up north
  8. I live in newcastle kerry and yes the viewing has been great for quite a few nights but i was just too busy/tired to get the scope out!
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