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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bias_tee For example... https://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-4116 72,73 John N3AAZ
  2. Tooling up for the Perseids? Check out a couple of Joe Taylor's (k1jt) modes >> ECHO << and >> MSK144 << https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wspr.html "WSJT-X implements communication protocols or "modes" called FT8, JT4, JT9, JT65, QRA64, ISCAT, MSK144, and WSPR, as well as one called Echo for detecting and measuring your own radio signals reflected from the Moon" k1jt. ! ham radio ops ! Tool up ECHO and bounce your signal off meteors ! Not a ham yet ! Tool up MSK144 and listen to ham QSOs and GRID squares bounce off meteors
  3. 'Ghost particle' found in Antarctica provides astronomy breakthrough https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/07/12/world/neutrino-blazar-cosmic-ray-discovery/index.html More on FRBs https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/10/world/repeating-fast-radio-burst-frb121102/index.html John
  4. 2018 Jan 22 ... quote from ... "" https://www.rtl-sdr.com Thanks to "gmbertani" for letting us know about his recently released RTL-SDR compatible software called "Echoes". Echoes is a Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi/Arch compatible tool that can be used together with an RTL-SDR and appropriate antenna to monitor for meteor scatter detections."" https://sourceforge.net/projects/echoes/ 72 73 John N3AAZ FM19
  5. Green Bank telescope in West Virginia will listen for radio signals from ‘Oumuamua, an object from another solar system. Astronomers are to use one of the world’s largest telescopes to check a mysterious object that is speeding through the solar system for signs of alien technology. https://swling.com/blog/2017/12/listening-to-oumuamua-via-the-green-bank-telescope/ 72 73 John N3AAZ
  6. Image credit David Gestalder The Roumoules transmitter is the main broadcasting facility for long-wave and medium-wave broadcasting of Radio Monte Carlo near Roumoules, France. The medium-wave towers, shown here, are the most powerful in the world, and are nineteen orders of magnitude (10^ -19) weaker than the signals we're seeing in FRBs.
  7. Analysis by Gajjar and the Breakthrough Listen team revealed 15 new pulses from FRB 121102. The observations show for the first time that fast radio bursts emit at higher frequencies than previously observed, with the brightest emission occurring at around 7 GHz. “The extraordinary capabilities of the backend receiver, which is able to record several gigahertz of bandwidth at a time, split into billions of individual channels, enable a new view of the frequency spectrum of FRBs, and should shed additional light on the processes giving rise to FRB emission.” Gajjar said. “Whether or not f
  8. Storm of Strange Radio Bursts Emerges From Deep Space Astronomers recently caught 15 blasts of radio waves coming from a mysterious object about three billion light-years away. A parked bus offers a sense of scale in a view of the Green Bank Telescope, a highly sensitive radio observatory in West Virginia. PHOTOGRAPH BY NRAO/AUI, REUTERS By Nadia Drake PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 Something has breathed new life into a faraway cosmic mystery machine and caused it to repeatedly hurl tremendous amounts of energy into the void. Scientists with the Breakthrough Listen p
  9. Hey guys thanks for sharing lQQk what just followed me home with gambles to follow Tomatobro,s setui example John
  10. WOW! Confirmed... http://www.sciencealert.com/confirmed-mysterious-radio-bursts-detected-by-astronomers-really-are-coming-from-outer-space John
  11. One of my favorite topics, very radio weak signals, transmitted (via ham radio) and/or received (to include SWL) may provide the first step for some and a giant step for others here on the forum. “The Meteor Scatter King … MSK-144 …This new digital mode (MSK-144, credit Joe Taylor, K1JT) is proving to be very effective for meteor scatter work.” credit QST, FEB 2017, Page 102. K1JT’s initial presentation of MSK-144 at Venice can be downloaded from; >>http://www.eme2016.org/index.php/file-repository/<< >> http://www.eme2016.org
  12. Steve, Welcome aboard. I suggest google, 50 Ohm 75 Ohm mismatch. The return is outstandig in turms of why and how to take advantage of the situation. 72, 73 John N3AAZ
  13. Hi Pat, Being a licensed ham you can beacon WSPR. You may also want to take a lQQk at JT-65, a digital QRP 2 way QSO mode (same WSPR-X download). Almost any upper side band transceiver works for both. First disable all transmit audio processing (compresston and such) then set audio drive to point just piror to ALC kicking in. Be sure to set your PC clock within 2 seconds of UTC. Take a lQQk at G0UPL's outstanding hardware, qrp-Labs[dot]com. The high altitude baloon guys love it too. 72,73 John N3AAZ FM19xb QRP es QRPp
  14. WSPR, pronounced whisper, very weak radio sgnals from, meteor shower, space craft, EME and world wide. QST just reported the Nov/Dec 2016 QEX describes recent lunar echo measurements at 144 es 432 MHz with K1JT's new EMEcho software. The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site. http://wsprnet.org/drupal/ Weak Signal Comm
  15. Thanks Andrew and another interesting read, at apx 800 mHz, down where a ham might peek around with SWL gear. http://arxiv.org/ Subjects: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena (astro-ph.HE); Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics (astro-ph.CO) Fast Radio Bursts: Searches, Sensitivities & Implications E. F. Keane, SUPERB Collaboration http://arxiv.org/find/grp_physics/1/id:+1602.05165/0/1/0/all/0/1 John
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