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  1. Its good to see we still have some sketchers out there !!!
  2. Nicko we have been in a heat wave here in the mid Atlantic . Looks like we came pretty close in star positioning
  3. Alkalurops is awesome . Here is a primitive drawing in Paint that I did of a sketch made in May of 2013 .
  4. Nice report Stu . I'm a true diehard believer in those Meade Research Grade eyepieces . Top Shelf . mike h
  5. Great work buddy ! That big old moon has played havoc with me lately .
  6. I had an eyeball on 65 UMa the night of the 12th . Seeing has been great here these last few nights . 65 UMa is a lovely sight at 174x using a Meade Research Grade 7mm Ortho through the Ar6 . I'm seeing the tiny C star as a blue / greenish blue . "delicate" mike h
  7. Just sent in a report to Sissy Haas . Struve 750 .So delicate almost floating in a translucent gossamer web inside of ngc 1981 . Catch it while you can . Beautiful sight in the 80mm Celestron . mike h
  8. In my very humble opinion its hard to beat a good plossl or an ortho' . Most are smallish and lightweight .
  9. I'm with Nicko on this one here .I think the more glass the light has to go through the more degraded the image is . Simple physics . I will not use a Barlow on close doubles . In fact if my main intention is just to get the split I use eyepieces with as few elements of glass as I can get .Simply concentrating on the very center of the FOV .At this point I do not care what the edges of the image look like . But if I'm just enjoying some "old friends" and the surrounding star field I often use a 20mm Meade research grade and Televue 2x .Striking would be the word .
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