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  1. 9 days off, and the weather is O.K. , in the words of Victor Meldrew,' I don't believe it' :)

  2. why is it always nice weather whilst I'm at work !!!

  3. Wondering whether I can remember how to Study properly, when my Course starts in Jan. ;) Brain cells,not what they were. lol

  4. wondering why I said I'd do OT, When it's looking like a clear night. Hmmm!!!

    1. Daniel-K


      just think what you can buy with the £££ :)

    2. Tums


      Dan,that thought did come to me after. Just which one of the 20 things I want to buy, do I get. lol.

  5. I'mm thinking of moving to the Moon, then I can get some nice clear skies. thoughts anyone?? :)

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    2. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      I thought about it but the Moon is a very dull place theres just no atmosphere.

    3. AstroGZ


      Dread to think how much the removal men would cost!

    4. Tums


      Glad to see, I'm not the only one who fancies this.. ;)

      Hobsey, no need of security lights, only going to take a tent. lmao. ;)

  6. First clear night in a couple of weeks, and I'm down with Manflu. It's not fair. ;)

  7. It actually looks like I might get 2 nights in a row. WooHoo!!!

  8. on Hols for 9 days, can I get some clear Skies,PLEASE!!! :)

    1. Pig


      Keep your fingers crossed, there are bound to be a few good daya :-)

    2. gooseholla


      I find the best days always come when it is near full moon!

  9. Wishing I'd bought Hubble,of FLO's website, then the clouds wouldn't matter.

  10. Well, it's supposed to be clear Sunday night, so maybe,just maybe, I'll be able to get out for the first time in ages. ;)

    1. Uranium235


      Same here, looks like its for one night only too - so make every photon count (pardon the pun!).

  11. Sat here thinking, will the Sky ever be clear again. May have to buy FLO cloudbuster Gun ;)

  12. Off to pick up a s/h HEQ5 Pro synscan for my Evo 80 this Morning. All Excited again lol. ;)

  13. New Scope arrives tomorrow , just in time for the rain & Cloud. Who'd have thought it!! lol. :)

    1. faulksy


      what scope is coming ?

    2. Tums


      SW Evostar 80 ED DS-Pro . Has now arrived ;) pic in the Astro lounge

  14. Here we go again, telescope Fever takes hold :) Just bought myself a Evostar 80ED DS-Pro outfit from our glorious Sponsors FLO.

    1. baggywrinkle


      Great 'scope...punches well above its weight

    2. Tums


      Got that nice nervy feeling of anticipation now, god I'm 50 yrs old, but feel like a kid at Xmas. lol ;)

    3. jabeoo1


      Enjoy your purchase! Its great to feel like a kid again. :)

  15. Really need some clear skies, I want to try out my New BST 8 + 25 mm EP's ;(

    1. ronin


      Similar for the 3.2mm here. So far cloud, cloud and more cloud, but the forcast oddly is clear.

    2. Tums


      My Forecast is cloud and rain into next week. ;(

  16. Is Awestruck. got to see Saturn and rings, for 1st time. WOW!! :)

    1. Daniel-K


      oh she is lovely isnt she!!

    2. Ant


      you never forget your first Saturn :)

  17. Is so hoping for some clear Skies this Week. Getting Fed up with the Weather. :(

  18. Has just seen his first Sunspots, and is completely Gob-smacked. :)

  19. Has just bought a Solar filter. :) so will now be doing a very good impression of Noah, for the next 40 days & nights at least ;p

  20. is thinking of buying a Solar Filter. Hmm!!

  21. Hoping to see some Stars, without being hit on the head. ;)

  22. Home from work, clear skies, New Scope acclimatising. YES!!! At Last some Stargazing. ;)

    1. Daniel-K


      Lucky you have fun

    2. Tums


      Daniel, it was Great, didn't expect clear skies at all, my phone had been telling me 'Cloudy' all day. Jupiter was very bright. and it was nice to eventually get the new scope out. Hopefully we All get some more Clear skies soon. :)

  23. Well let's get out there, its a perfect night. I think :)

  24. I just wish we could have some clear skies :(

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