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  1. yeah i would say generally about 5 where i am .
  2. Whoohoo finally got my laptop-Stellarium to see my attached Mak. Now waitin on clear skies and try it outside.

  3. Cheers for heads up bud , just what i needed , was looking for something to watch.
  4. Excellent purchase , yes its expensive but worth it in my book , comfy and easy/solid set up . Should last a life time . only minor thing is i would want seat portion to store flat (sticks out when chair folded) but .thats being [removed word] (lol) . cheers
  5. Hi guys. just registered and wanted to get my first post done and dusted. Been dipping into all the advice and tips available on here for months, taught me so much. Got my new scope (Skywatcher Mak 127) a few weeks ago ,but only managed 2 or 3 nights viewing so far (amazing Jupiter views) . Roll on Clear Skies, and im certain to be a regular on here,on the not so clear nights. cheers Wullie
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