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  1. Thanx for all the advice, I'll have a look at the 102, but I had my eye on the 127 on an eq3-2 mount! Once again, thank for thi info and advice!!
  2. This is a simple question.... Is a 90 mak good enough for planetary observstions? Or would a 127 mak be a lot better? thanks in advance, Andy
  3. Hi Bostoneax, I use 25mm and 15mm BST Starguiders with a Revelation 2x Barlow, that you can screw the lens off to give you a 1.5 Barlow so my 2 EPs becom 6 eps. They work really good but I get CA at the higher mag!!! Hope this helps, Andy
  4. That's a great first shot!!! I'm looking to start some AP myself in the near future, so I'm well impressed!!! Welldone and good luck with future attempts Andy
  5. Hi all.... Sorry I've not posted back until now!! I've just got back from my honey moon in Edinburgh!!! I'm glad that my post has helped with your confidence and binos are great for viewing!!! You're new "Stacey" looks like a great and cool little set up!!! Hope you enjoy!!!
  6. Hi Dazzyt... I don't know about the ST80? But I bought a ST102 before xmas and I love it, it's the best scope I've owned so far, even above me 150/750 Newtonian!!! Sure at high mag it gives colour fringing, but you expect that in these small fracs! But they were designed for low power wide field views, and it's great!!! Hope this helps??? The misses also got me a pair if Celestron 15x70 binos too and they are also fantastic!!! Andy78
  7. Thanks Dave, I'm so excited and nervous too. But it's going to be great!!!
  8. Thanks to all!!! Yeah, I would love to get a Evo 120 in the future. It was the misses that said that I could do with a more sturdy mount so I had a look about and the EQ5 just stands out to me, with the plan of the 120 thrown in!!!! I xab get the EQ5 from RVO for£230. It won't be till the end of January or early February cos I'm getting married on 7th January!! But after that, and a weekend in Edinburgh, then she said I can get one as a late birthday gift cos that's on the 8th January!!!! I have seen a alt.az mount on eBay, a TS Optics one for £210 including postage, but I like the EQ, I sold
  9. I've recently bought myself a ST102 on EQ1. Great little scope, I love it!!!! But I'm wondering if to bu a new mount for it whilst I'm at home in the garden! So.... Would an EQ5 be a little over kill fir such a small scope????? Thanks in advance.... Andy
  10. Hi Dave... I completely agree, it's an awesome little scope and very grab and go!!! My wife has got me a pair of Celestron 15x70 sky master binos for xmas so they're going to make a great combo! I think that I too will get an evostar 120 n the future as well! I was going for the Helios version before I bought this st102! But lost the bid, I'm so glad I did now as well cos I really do love this scope!!!!
  11. Hello again Happy-Kat... I've just had the scope out for an hour!!! Clouds caused me to go back in doors!!! Yes, I love the pin point stars!!! I've into looked through a reflector until now!!! And I've got to say that I love my little refractor!!!
  12. Hi happy cat!!! I bought it yesterday and only had a quick look at the moon from back door (east facing) I needed to get to bed! I'm ip for work at 4am! I was hoping to have it outside tonight for a couple of hours, but the weather put a stop to that plan lol
  13. Thanks for the info. My previous scope was s generic 150/750 so I'm used to the medium power and my eyepieces are already set for that range! But this scope was such a bargain I just had to buy it!!! I used it quickly last night to have a look at the moon, I've not had a frac before, only reflectors, and I was well delighted at being able to easily put It out and start viewing straight away!!! This 102 is defenatly a keeper!!! Once again.... Thankyou
  14. I've just bought myself the afore mentioned scope, could anyone advise me on the highest usable eyepiece please. Thanks in advance... Andy
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