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  1. Do you by any chance know if those lines are already present on any of the LIGHT frames?
  2. I am not more experienced, but I agree with craigg and the book. I am in favour of using BIAS master frame or even Super BIAS especially that it takes very short time to take many of them. From Pixinsight pre-processing tutorial: It is also very important to have a bias library, because thermal noise must be bias-subtracted: only thermal noise must be rescaled in the master dark to match the thermal noise in the light frame.
  3. Having not so good experience with multiple long cables I invested in this : http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00T9RTT2U?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 This small device allows me to use short USB cables on the scope/mount and all can be as remote as 50 meters from computer - easy if you need to set scope at the other side of the garden. K
  4. Hi, The are two important factors for taking darks: Length (should match duration of your light frames or can be longer duration and then scaled for pre-processing - but never shorter) Temperature (easy if your camera has temp control, if not try to match as much as possible) Additionally if you take your darks during the day, make sure light from outside would not be able to get into your optics. K
  5. Hi, I was on exact the same boat as you are now. PHD - should only correct when it sees it need to correct so if the mount is tracing correctly there should not be an issue with subs length. My issue was simply resolved by: polar alignment - as best as possible PEC file and make sure use set gain to anything other than 0 - I used PEMPro v2 and it produced excellent PEC file Your guide scope should be ok for telescope up to 1500mm fl If you eliminate poor polar alignment AND poor worm gear ( good PEC) your subs should be close to perfect even with long expos
  6. very nice first M42! good start into imaging - I am sure you will enjoy it
  7. Thanks for checking Dave. I have no idea what that could be. Not likely but just maybe this could have something to do with over scan area which is dynamically cropped and would explain the movement in pixels... I am going to create master/super bias, master flats and as the sky looks clear for tonight I will try to take some frames and see if those "UFOs" will be cancelled during pre-processing. Once again - thanks so much for taking time and checking those for me. Kris
  8. older example: http://www.astrobin.com/full/199630/0/
  9. Thank you Dave. Can you also check in the range where there is the more visible one? I am a bit confuse as I do not see anything on the chip.
  10. I use small velcro tape/s all over the cables and they stick to places on the way down. I will take few pics later - it really works for me. K
  11. Thanks - I will take a look closer, but the camera supposed to be sealed… if that was dust, would it manifested in BIAS frame too?
  12. Due to bad weather, I decided to take some new bias and flats. After taking few of them, I have noticed strange circles, which looks like they are relatively in focus. I have checked all optical parts for dust particles or any other that would create those - disassembled and assembled almost whole telescope and was not able to locate the cause. When I removed camera, I have noticed 1 small dust particle inside the glass, but nothing else that could cause multiple rings. I then tried to take one flat directly on camera without all optics and got suppressed when I saw the ph
  13. Telescope Express was very helpful, they have said that the issue with coma was the distance between focuster and imaging chip, they have send me few spacers and T-rings to try, but one fixed the coma closer to the center of the image, leaving large coma on the edges, the other was fixing only on one side of the image and another did the opposite. After few days of trying different distances and struggling to get no coma corrected, they asked me to send the scope back. Like as mention before, this might have just been problem with that scope, but based on the experience I would not buy this sc
  14. Already found my perfect scope ;-) William Optics GT102 APO ! wow what a nice piece of kit - on one hand shame my experience with TSAPO81Q was so disappointing, on the other... WO GT102 ended up being the perfect choice... Support from Telescope-Express on germany was amazing, shame we could not fix the comma issue... K
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