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  1. Hi Everyone, After 30 years Crawley Astronomical Society has a new chair SteveBz on here, Paul Foster of ESES as Vice Chair and myself as Webo and publicity. I've just about finished the structure of the new adaptive website so if any of you know of any south east events please let me know and I'll put them on the 'Other Events' page.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm the new secretary at Crawley Astronomical Society and I've arranged what I hope to be a regular pub meet. Astronomers at the Pub, new meet up at The Cowdray Arms, London Road, Balcombe. RH17 6QD (just south of Crawley near Worth School) on the first Monday of the month 6.30pm onwards starting on 7 November 2016. We have permission to set up a telescope in the garden if clear. Come and chat, share or gain knowledge in an informal sociable environment.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm up for a meeting if you decide to, have van can travel with kit.
  4. I visited last Saturday, well worth going for anyone interested in particle physics or cosmology. Good mixture of light hearted and serious stuff. £10 extra for entrance. PS Other interesting things at the museum too.
  5. How about buying the the most suitable house for family, schools and work location and then buying a small van for your telescope and other man bits which will also enable you to get away and on occasions meet your mates at the pub without your missus waiting with the rolling pin.
  6. The answer is yes I do need another adapter for the Williams 2" diagonal to fit the back of my Celestron CPC800, it's called a SCT 2" adapter, bought both on Saturday at The Widesreen Centre in London.
  7. The sky was very beautiful this morning from my bedroom window, the very bright Venus rising in the south east and the moon to the south west, just a hint of blue in the sky and the birds singing loudly. I'm usually up earlier and see Mars, Saturn and Jupiter before they fade away.
  8. Having just bought the same telescope and having the same questions this thread has been very useful although I did need to take a nap after reading it. I bought a Luminos 15mm EP and a Luminos Barlow not knowing the Barlow is for a 2" diagonal so I now need to buy a 2" diagonal and hope that it actually fits the telescope because it seems that full knowledge is assumed when buy Astro kit. Anyone any idea if a 2" Williams diagonal will fit the 2" back of my Celestron or do need to buy another thingamy whatsit with a widget whatisname to actually see something? I think I'll leave fitting my C
  9. You may like to try 'In Search of the True Universe' Although it's Cambridge University Press it's not degree level, a good read.
  10. Hi everyone, I met a guy (pig) at Astrofest who thought it may be a good idea to join. I've been interested in space, science, cosmology and astronomy from childhood and I am particularly fascinated by the Apollo program. I've just replaced a Skywaycher Dobsonian with a Celestron CPC800 and still getting used to it. I hope to attend local meets when work allows.
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