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  1. Thanks very much. App organised. Just need to engage brain now.
  2. Yep, I think I've figured that out. Managed to sell some old kit though on Ebay so have raised a bit of cash.
  3. What are you most keen to photograph? The answer will drive the thread I suspect. I use a DSLR now because it is used for astro and non-astro.
  4. Ok, I'm not an absolute beginner but do I struggle with identifying the galilean moons! Last night, not for the first time, with my trusty(?) Sky at Night chart of the moon movements I observed diligently. Nope, the chart is 24 hours out I concluded. The pattern was spot on consistent with tonight's chart in the mag. Is it me or the Sky at Night boffins? Yes I know my view is reversed but then the chart in the mag doesn't specify if West is West (i.e., is it Earths fix or Jupiter's fix). Help!
  5. Same experience as above. As you are a fair way north you'll have to be quick to catch Uranus which is only 11deg alt in the West at sunset by the 28th. Neptune has gone for good at the moment. I struggled to find both as they are in a part of the sky which is sparsely populated. I new I'd got them when I picked up the form of a disc rather than a point of light.
  6. My iPhone has a great 'level' app. I use it to level up solely because I don't then need a torch!
  7. Davefrance is right. My 600D works off the Canon bundled software perfectly. It opens up a load more options for bulb exposures greater than 30 seconds and you can set, shutter up, number of frames, pause periods etc, etc. Be aware that if unlike me you have a big budget then you can get the Canon 60Da which has the filter removal mod already taken care of so you get better Ha transmission I believe.
  8. I'm about 3 months ahead of you on jumping into the addictive world of imaging. My budget is limited though so whilst of course I agree with all the experts' comments above on my budget I started with a decent mount and went from there. I got an old HEQ5 and refurbished it myself. I then tried my DSLR (600D) with my 300mm telephoto canon lens piggybacked so that I could get some experience in imaging. I had to do a lot of homework! I spent a lot of time learning how to polar align the mount correctly with help from this forum. I managed to capture a good image of M31. It took about a 10
  9. Thanks to all you well wishers. Made to feel welcome; sorry I can't give you all tea and cake.
  10. ..and as a rule of thumb, limit of useful magnification is 2.5 x aperture in mm so 500x for your set up. Wishing for clear skies and good seeing.
  11. I've read a few posts in the past so thought I would join as its free. I've dabbled for about 7 years but seem to have a bit more time to study this subject. I try to do stuff without breaking the bank so usually rely heavily on you experts out there. All I ask is for a clear night. Hasn't been one here since 16th January!
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