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  1. I have a Celestron 8" SCT ( not the Edge model) and soon became frustrated with the focusser provided. I fitted the Microfocusser and found it to be well engineered and a vast improvement, in fact a pleasure to use. It is slightly heavier than the original but this hasn't been a problem so far. I can't speak for the Moonlite as I haven't used it.
  2. Many thanks for your comments. I think I shall be upgrading the focusser in the near future. "We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars"...........Oscar Wilde.
  3. My experience with optical instruments has been concerned mainly with compound and stereo microscopes, also spotting scopes and binoculars. The supplied focussing mechanism with C8s seems on the face of it rather crude in that it is possible to pass through the critical point with a minute movement of the knob. There is a more refined focusser available as an after market addition available from Feathertouch, and the C8 seems to cry out for a fine focussing adjustment. Has anyone fitted one of these to a Celestron C8 and found it to an improvement in the sensitivity of the focussing mechanism?
  4. Thanks for the comments. I have tweaked the contrast and brightness a little in response to Jules's suggestion. The ejecta from the crater which I think is Petravius in the south of the picture are now a little more prominent.
  5. Took this photograph using my handheld Olympus Mu compact pointed into the eyepiece. I don't have any other imaging equipment at the moment. I don't mind a bit of derision!
  6. Thank you all for your efforts on my behalf guys. Ordering will be underway in due course. "This is not a just image, it is just an image".......... Jean-Luc Godard
  7. I would like to have a crack at lunar and planetary imaging and am considering a cmos camera by ZWO, the ASI 120mm. I wondered whether anyone has got one of these or used one and if so what the experience has been? It would be used with my Celestron C8SCT .A possible drawback for use with my F10 scope might be getting the image scale correct on the chip. Thanks for replies.
  8. I had planned to use them not outside where a red torch set fairly dimly would be used but inside the house for a half hour or so as a preparation for going outside. However I take ronin's point that any light is deleterious to night vision. It seems odd that submariners have a reputation for using them in preparation for running on the suface at night particularly in the days when submarines did this. Thanks for comments guys.
  9. Can I ask how many members regularly use red goggles to preserve their rhodopsin?
  10. Many thanks for your comments jambouk but I believe I have found the cause of this. After much thought and lying awake last night I took pains to level the mount exactly as one would do with a theodolite ie in two axes at right angles to each other. I then re collimated the polar scope and lo and behold the NCP cross hairs maintain their position over the full 180 degree arc of the RA axis. I confess to feeling considerable relief as I like to have things exactly right. The first law of polar scope collimation......Make sure the tripod is dead level. Yippee!!
  11. I think this movement that I am seeing whilst the RA axis is transitting it's 180 degree movement can only be due to a tripod which is slightly off level. Further investigation is needed.
  12. I bought my stuff from them. They are well informed and helpful but promised delivery in 1 to 2 weeks and it was over a month. Also I bought an extra eyepiece from them and they forgot to send it, had to chase them up after a week. Whether I use them again or not will depend on how they deal with me in future. Better the devil you know than the .......
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