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  1. Nice well done. Regards Paul
  2. Love the donors nice job. Regards Paul
  3. Hello everyone Yesterday I tried the settings that Martin gave here and the guiding worked perfectly. Thank you for your help Martin. Regards Paul
  4. Thank you gentlemen for your help. I think I'm going to order a 24Ah and a 17Ah to be sure. Regards Paul
  5. For the Avolon M zero the power consumtion. For the canon 6d I use a 12 volt adapter. Dew heaters for the two 1.5 Ah Lacetera Mgen II 160 mA Regards Paul power: 4W (0.33A) power: 4W (0.33A) Operating mode Torque: 60% Torque: 100% Torque: 150% Stand-by 0.11 A 0.11 A 0.11 A Normal tracking 0.41 A 0.93 A 1.91 A Slewing (one motor) 0.52 A (peak: 1.20 A) 0.76 A (peak: 1.50 A) 1.30 A (peak: 2.10 A) Slewing (two motors) 0.62 A (peak: 2.00 A) 0.63 A (peak: 2.00 A) 0.62 A (peak: 2.30 A)
  6. Hello, How much Ah do I need to spend the night with this equipment. -Mont Avalon M zero -Canon 6d -lacetera Mgen II autoguider -2 Dew heaters NO LAPTOP Ideally, I would take these batteries because of the weight https://www.tracerpower.com/tracer-12v-24ah-lifepo4-battery.html Regards Paul
  7. Martin, Sorry for the late reaction but I am abroad. I have not had the chance to try the settings but I will definitely try them. With my Heq5 pro I never had problems with the Mgen II so I know it's a beautiful device. When I get the chance I will use these settings and I will certainly let you know. Regards Paul
  8. Hi Martin I use the orion mini guider. last night I used the M zero for the first time with the Mgen II and I was not satisfied with the guiding results. Do you have the link to that topic? Regards Paul
  9. Hello everybody Are there people who use the Avalon M zero together with the Lacetera MgenII for guiding? I have read somewhere that special settings should be made but I do not find the article anymore. Regards Paul
  10. Hello everyone yesterday evening tried again and after Luciano from Avalon installed the new software the M zero went in the right direction end also the 1 star alignment went well. That is a problem that has been solved. Thanks for your help. Regards Paul
  11. Yesterday had a teamviewer sesssion with Luciano van Avalon and everything should now be alright. What a service gives that man. Thank you for your help and thinking. Regards Paul
  12. Indeed thats the home postition.
  13. Hey I use the polemaster and that is quite accurate. For the rest, I do the same steps as you describe them. The M zero must not the weight but the dec pointet to the ground Regards Paul
  14. Thank you Olly for your quick reply. But the software takes over the data from the computer. So I think the problem is not there. Regards Paul
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