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  1. Fine work indeed, Stuart. I had just bought the Polemaster at the IAS and, having come across the Sharpcap PA routine demonstrated by the developer, I seriously debated returning the Polemaster. Did you ever try using the Polemaster camera with Sharpcap? I tried this but could not see any star field with it, altho Sharpcap did recognise the camera as a Polemaster. cheers Andrew
  2. No question, the AZ EQ6 is the better mount by far. Better engineered, better in use, better durability, plus it gives the facility to do AZ observing when you want. The belt drive is also marginally quieter.
  3. Such a pity the Astronomy and Nature Centre, as it was, is no more. However the videos are all still v useful. Well done R Dalby et al.
  4. Hi Rugbyrene I use two of the Geoptic cases, a square one for the mount and a narrow one to take the weights and extension bar. They work well indeed with some large bubble wrap to soak up the knocks. Good luck with your selection Andrew
  5. Hi Mark_C Loads of info in your posts, thanks. Any update on that disassembly guide or photos which you mentioned? T'would be a great help to other AZ-EQ6 users. Cheers Andrew
  6. Well done on the build so far. Look forward to see it progress to completion. I too am planning an observatory, utilising a tiled roof shack which housed 4 kennels (from the previous house owners).Your design has given me much food for thought, thanks.Good luck from a retired O&G expat.Andrew
  7. I'm also a bit surprised you've had no responses. Am interested in a JMI EV1n myself and hear good reports about them,but nothing first hand.Hope you get a reply soonCheersAndrew
  8. Thanks Alan Appreciate the tableau Andrew
  9. clarkent

    Astroboot at SGL9

    Hi Haz How much are you looking to get for the # Skywatcher HEQ5 Synscan with handset ? Does it come with a power pack or just the cig lead? Polarscope? When you mention tray, does that mean you include tripod? Also the # Skywatcher 200p ? My son might be interested in that.. Cheers Andrew
  10. Hallo and welcome to Stargazers Andrew
  11. clarkent

    new person

    Hi Randy and Welcome to Stargazers You'll find lots of good advice and friendly banter here Good seeing Andrew
  12. clarkent

    new member

    Hi Jim and welcome to Stargazers Trust you'll enjoy the banter and good advice you'll find here Good seeing Andrew
  13. Hi Bexidoodle, welcome to Stargazers Hope you have clear skies when you visit Wales. Enjoy the forum and good luck Andrew
  14. clarkent


    Hi Sam and welcome to Stargazers "I am not a nerd but I like nerdish things" Good luck with your stargazing and future endeavours Andrew
  15. Hi Phil and welcome to Stargazers Eventually the skies will clear, eventually.. Hope you enjoy both the banter and the info you find here Good luck and good seeing Andrew
  16. Hi Sam and welcome to Stargazers Doing well with 30 Messiers for sure. Good luck with more of them Andrew
  17. Hello Lee and welcome to Stargazers You might also consider finding and joining a local astronomy society or group. Good luck with your new hobby Andrew
  18. clarkent

    Hi everybody

    Hi and welcome to Stargazers Hope what you find here inspires you to stargaze more and more.. Good luck Andrew
  19. clarkent

    New member IOW

    Hi WightStar Good to have you here Hope you will soon venture out to see the night skies and be hooked forevermore Cheers Andrew
  20. clarkent

    Hello All

    Hi Goodsky, Bienvenue à SGL Trust you will enjoy your time here Cheers Andrew
  21. Hi ittone and bravo on finding your way here Hope you will enjoy the friendly banter and good advice Cheers Andrew
  22. clarkent

    Hi everbody

    Welcome to SGL May you enjoy the crack here as well as the info. You certainly don't do anything by half (Celestron 11" Edge HD on a DX CGem mount) !!! Wow, that's some piece of kit. Good luck with that and many happy hours ruminating in the future obsy.
  23. Hi Chris Good to see you on SGL Hope you find answers to your queries both useful and amusing. Good Luck Andrew
  24. Good thread, Mark. Responses just the job. thanks to all.
  25. Watched the Planet Lap. Somewhat disappointed, since much of the viewing was not live but previously recorded. Also, a lot of repeat material from the earlier casts. However, still good to see.
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