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  1. Yes you are spot on and now you mention it I can think of the ideal person. Many thanks for offering some common sense advice.
  2. You will see from a separate thread I'm looking to buy a new GOTO setup. I've just realised that certainly of the two brands I'm considering (Skywatcher & Celestron) they only provide updates for Windows. All thoughts welcome, as at present this for me is a showstopper as no way am I delving back into the world of Microsoft. There are reasons I haven't time to go into here why it has to be GOTO and not manual.
  3. Thanks John,yes the one thing I can do is get the scope into secure outdoor storage before use.
  4. Many thanks for the input - I'm still dithering but am veering towards SCM 6" as I want some deep sky viewing.
  5. To cut a (very) long story short I was the owner of a very nice Skywatcher 200p plus Equatorial Mount. Domestic circumstances (Full Time Carer) meant I reluctantly had to let it go to a good home. Withdrawal symptoms having now set in I've decided I need something relatively portable - quick to set up - and simple to use. Having tormented the good people at FLO with my thought processes I thought it worth sharing my current dilemma here. Essentially I'm looking at GOTO options from Skywatcher and Celestron and you can probably guess the rest from my title. Skywatcher Maksutov options seem slig
  6. Nikonman


    First attempts
  7. Phew!!! didn't realise my question would raise so much passion. But thanks for all your input. I'm of to try out Nebulosity and Pixinsight on some test pics of Saturn.
  8. Thanks Chris & Paul. The answer to your question Chris is both. I'm starting with the planets but do want to move into deep sky.
  9. I think the title says it all. Is there any software out there for an iMac? Everything I seem to find is PC only and I really don't want have to return to the whacky (frustrating) world of Microsoft.
  10. Yes that makes perfect sense, thank you I'll certainly be following your advice.
  11. No problem, that is the upgrade when funds permit. Thanks for trying to help.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. It has certainly been more noticeable with a 5mm eyepiece.
  13. I'm sure you are correct-I admit it I'm stupid. Thanks for your help.
  14. I am noticing that when aligning my Skywatcher 200 pds that ever so slowly things move in the eyepiece, or if it's a higher magnification disappear completely. I thought I had everything balanced but am struggling to think of any other cause. All comments gratefully received. I align with everything unlocked and then lock the head and twiddle the knobs to fine tune (sorry but that's as technical as I get).
  15. Like you I'm new, but unlike you I do have a DSLR so will start with that. From my reading though - if you have a compact digital camera why not give that a try first so as to check all the complications of image stacking et al.
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