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  1. Mine arrived a few days ago, still waiting for the sun to show itself so I can use them!
  2. Hello I'm using a set of celestron skymax 15x70's and a set of marchwood 10x50's on a manfrotto head/some German named tripod. The scope I have is a maplins special 76x700, its not the best but works quite well (a mate was throwing it out and I thought save it). Next time its clear I want to go galaxy hunting (but because im in wales clear nights are very hard to come by)
  3. Us too please, and can we join the tour around the BT station
  4. All I'm bring is my 15x70's and 10x50's. It'll keep me quiet for a good few hours each night!
  5. This is the only one I know of, I've been meaning to go but haven't had the time recently. http://www.shropshire-astro.com/main/
  6. Yes they are, to be honest I haven't touched the telescope since the bins arrived!
  7. I haven't yet bit it looks like I will be! Thank you
  8. I thought it could of been a double cluster but it seemed far too big compared to other star cluster that I've seen, I'll check stellarium just invade there was a double cluster nearby.
  9. Well tonight was the first night this week it was clear when I got home from work so I rushed dinner and was set up by 7pm, I had my 15x70's on the tripod and 10x50's beside me. I looked up and was supprised by the amount of stars I could see, I was really spoilt for choice this time out! My first target of the evening was the Orion Nebula, what a beautiful sight, I could see all the main stars amounts the two grey nebula clouds. After about 15 minutes a slowly work my across the sky to Sirius then down to M41, with a bit of averted vision I could make out a lot of stars through the 15x70's. Here I spent around 5 minutes before moving the bins over to Jupiter. As always a great sight to see, Jupiter was a bright ball of light surrounded by 2 visible moons. I slowly moved across to the area of M41 but was very hard for me to see due to Jupiter not far away and a street light in the same direction. After a shorshort break I decided to spin around so I could see what was behind me. I had a quick look around the Great Bear but yet again views were spoilt by trees, a house and another street light! After a big jump across the sky I aimed the bins towards the Pleades, after a 10 minute session here I decided to use the 10x50's for a change. Now my main goal was to find Comet Lovejoy and the Andromeda Galaxy, this was only the second time I was able to see Comet Lovejoy in the night sky mainly because of bad weather overhead. After a quick search of the rough area it popped into view, compared to the surrounding stars it stood out as a dull grey fuzzy ball of light. I slowly moved down to the Andromeda Galaxy...the first time I have ever seen this galaxy and was amazed! I swapped back to the 15x70's and was glad I did, I could see even more detail to the fuzzy blob! I then decided to lie down on the grass to find out what I was missing above me...lots and lots of stars!! I could see more star clusters then I could keep count of! I knew just above Cassiopeia was the heart nebula and soul nebula, now I don't know if this I what I saw but just above Cass I saw 2 grey nebula type clouds, one slightly smaller then the other, can anyone clarify what I saw here? Sorry for the long post but I had to share what I saw with someone! Thank you for reading. Jake
  10. Hi I'm looking for a suitable flight case to store and carry a set of 15x70's and a set of 10x50's, i would prefere one case to store both sets so its less to carry to and from the field. Is it worth looking at the maplins flight cases? Also what material, plastic or aluminium? What do you store your bins in? Is there anything you would recommend? Thank you Jake
  11. I have a set of celestron skymaster 15x70's mounted to a heavy duty Manfrotto tripod and at the mo I'm using dads Greenkat 12x50's whilst I wait for my Marchwood 10x50's to arrive
  12. Thank you for the reply
  13. As its my first SGL star party I though ask a few questions.... 1. What happens if its cloudy/wet? Is there a gazebo or building we all gather under to chat or hide in the tents until the rain gods forgive us? 2. What happens during daytime? Apart from the solar eclipse, are there events/lectures/meets etc? 3. I know bright lights/noise is not permitted after a certain time but is there anything else not permitted...i.e. Alcohol? 4. What happens at meal times? Is there a dining area on the campsite or a take away nearby (dont know the area) Thank you
  14. I've signed up to it, can't wait to get started on it.
  15. Yeah I have a heavey duty tripod, well i say mine its actually dads but ive 'borrowed' it. Its supposed to carry a 6kg video camera
  16. My boss at work had one of those moments when he gave me the keys to his van!
  17. For a while now I've been thinking of getting myself some binoculars, whilst looking at different ones there was plenty of ooo's and ahhh's but couldn't decide which ones to get, I came close on hitting the buy now button quite a few times. I didn't want something too big, just something bigger and newer then the bins I'm already using (Greenkat Pegasus 12x50's). I decided a 70 or 80mm aperature would be ideal, but slowly realised 80's would be unrealistic in my budget. It was a coin toss between the Opticron Oregon 15x70's or the Celestron Skymaster 15x70's. After reading a few different threads on here and reviews on them I decided to go the cheaper option and get a set of skymasters, which after a quick search on Google I managed to find them at a very reasonable price, approximately £30 less then the Opticrons. Now its a waiting game, they are not due to arrive until Thursday/Friday and already want to get out and use them!
  18. Can I join The outreach event please, dad would like to join too if he can
  19. Hello It looks like I've been given permission by dad to build an observatory in the garden, I would rather use something which is prefabricated which I can modify to work. My garden isn't big, it's 100ft by 10 foot so the ideal size would be a 6ftx4ft shed. I was wandering what is the best type shed to use, by this I mean wooden, plastic or metal? I'm going to modify the roof so it can be slid to one side to leave the whole sky available for observing. There is also a post at the bottom of the garden which I can cut to size to be used as a pier, it's already burried into the garden so that side of it is ready. For now this is just me collecting ideas before I commit myself into buying something.
  20. Hello Lewis Welcome to SGL, clear skies Jake from Welshpool
  21. might have a 8" parabolic newt on saturday :)

  22. going to the spacegaurd centre tomorrow, cant wait :)

  23. Just put it on record, thank you
  24. I've booked my pitch, I booked one for dad too so you might see 2 lots of bookings with the same SGL username
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