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  1. Hey all, After losing my mojo for a time, I am finally back in the game. My kit has been evolving over the last few years and with the addition of the Jackery Explorer 300 battery, I'm finally all set. Anywho, I have been tackling M51. I'm having issues with my guiding, I think Windows 10 has finally evolved beyond my old laptop and I am getting intermittent connection issues with my guide camera as the computer struggles with life. Because of this, I am only managing 3 min subs. However, my subs seem very bright. See pictures below (example of a 2 min and a 3 min sub from my location. Bo
  2. Hey all, I have slowly been improving my astrophotography setup over the years and I have never been able to achieve the images I would like. I am finally getting into guiding and I still cannot produce those pin sharp images that you we all strive for even after focussing with a Bahtinov mask. While attempting to image NEOWISE_F3 last night I finally came to the conclusion that there is something going on with my telescope (was taking short subs with good enough polar alignment, still soft). Has anyone else on here struggled with achieving sharp focus with an SCT? I have Bob's knobs and
  3. Hey all, Wanted to share a little project I have completed. I have recently started guiding with my C8 on an AVX mount. PHD2 complained about my dec backlash and my average error was around 1.5". I discovered vendors offering tune-ups for the AVX and after reading this (http://rocketsparrow.blogspot.com/2017/01/how-i-made-better-celestron-avx.html), decided I could probably do it myself. After obtaining the correct bearing (32007 taper roller bearing 65 x 32 x 18), I stripped down the mount. As I have access to a machine shop, I was able to machine the bearing bore a little deepe
  4. Nice print. Can anyone comment on the properties of FDM prints when they get very cold? My spidey sense tells me they might become brittle particularly when clamped up tight on an OTA. Hope they work out as intended.
  5. The dew shield is the great big Celestron one for the C8. To be honest I'm asking a lot of my set up as it's been raining for two weeks. It's ridiculously humid here. I just need mains power on my dew heater so I have the ability to keep it cranked up.
  6. Happy Friday everyone! Last night I was having a battle with dew. I had my dew strap turned up for the first 20 minutes while I was setting up and I noticed that the wire was pretty warm (Astrozap heater). After that I turned it down and lost the battle to the dew I have never noticed the heater wire get warm before. Is this normal when you have the heater turned up to 11? I think I'm going to be moving to a mains supply as my 8Ah lipo is getting wiped out in a couple of hours. Pocket Powerbox seems like a solid choice.
  7. Thanks for the replies all. I don't think the OP was particularly clear. Sorry about that. What has come out of though is two things. I should have been updating my go-to alignment after ASPA, duh! Also I think for my location on that night Capella was a poor choice for PA. Lessons learnt. I need a better finder so I can start guiding...
  8. Hey @PeterCPC, thanks for the reply. I'm just following instructions on the hand controller, sync with a star then the mount slews to where the star would be if your PA was correct and you bring it back to centre with Alt-Az adjustment. Hey presto. I've had this be pretty good in the past but the only thing I can think I was doing differently is how I moved to the first go-to alignment star. I usually disengage the RA and Dec clutches and move manually to centre the star in the finder. Engage the clutches and centre on screen with the hand controller. This time I did it all using the han
  9. Hey all, finally had a clear night after two weeks of rain. Set up as per usual and excited to start using my Optolong L-Pro! Lined up AVX with polar alignment scope. Ran two star alignment (Vega and Altair) and added two calibration stars (Mirphak and Mirach). I did all star polar alignment on Capella and noticed the mount wanted to move a little further than I would have imagined. Long story short, I was aiming for 180 seconds on M33 and had no chance. Can anyone suggest any tips please? As I mentioned, we have had a lot of rain and I thought maybe the mount was moving in the
  10. Celestron technical support suggested this: https://agenaastro.com/baader-canon-dslr-t-ring-2-filter-container-nosepiece-dslr-t-2958550.html However, I did this:
  11. Good evening all. A couple of nights ago I received my Optolong L-Pro light pollution filter yay! Problem was I foolishly assumed it would screw into the focal length reducer. WRONG! The filter did screw into the camera side of the T-Ring however, with it in place I couldn't attach the T-Ring to the camera. So, after searching the internet and starting another topic on SGL, I was left somewhat dismayed. Celestron technical support suggested a product that may do the job (https://agenaastro.com/baader-canon-dslr-t-ring-2-filter-container-nosepiece-dslr-t-2958550.html) but I didn't want to spend
  12. Good morning all, I have just taken delivery of an Optolong L-Pro 2" (light pollution filter) and discovered I had no where to put it. See I made the silly mistake of assuming it would screw into the threads on my focal length reducer. The only other place I can see that it would go is on the inside of the Canon T-Ring but then the T-Ring doesn't fit into the camera body. Google isn't being a load of help and Celestron don't have anything obvious on there product list that will help. So fine folk of SGL, I turn to you. How can I make use of this expensive glass disc? Than
  13. Amazing image @DKNicholson. Thanks for the info all. I did a little more reading and decided to go with CDC due to the fact that it is a little easier on the laptop (graphically). .Net 3.5 installed, ASCOM drivers installed, Celestron drivers installed. Now all I need is for that Serial to USB adapter!
  14. Good morning all, I have been slowly adding to my set up over the last couple of weeks and during a "practice" session I realised hey, I have BYEOS driving a camera, I have a laptop, I have the cable that came with the telescope, why not try plate solving. The next day I dug out the RJ to Serial cable and ordered the serial to USB adapter (yeah, thanks Celestron). I have installed and set up Astrotortilla but when it comes to controlling the mount I am a little unsure as to the finer points. My questions are: 1), Do I need planetarium software? I am not sure if I need this or I
  15. Finally get a Bahtinov mask, the Celestron focal length reducer and polar alignment scope. Weather:
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