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  1. A great post - Just what I'm finding as a relative beginner. Thanks Adrian
  2. So this is what is inside the Wollensak 12.5mm EP Seems to work OK for me... Adrian
  3. Like many others I have not had a good view of Mars since returning to Astronomy early this year. What I found interesting was that I felt I could see more detail when looking at Jupiter with the stock 25mm Skywatcher eyepiece than with the 10mm stock eyepiece and so I purchased a 7mm Cellestron X-Cel LX eyepiece and tried that. This was a great improvement but I suddenly realised the effect that other factors like good seeing had on the image and the much improved eyepiece was not a total solution even with my 300P DOB. I also found that retraining my eye was also important. The more I observed the more detail I saw. Higher magnification shows up more image defects like zooming in on a pixelated picture and the eye / brain cannot sort out the image data as well as if you zoom out or reduce the magnification to reduce the image defects. Hope this makes sense.... Adrian
  4. What camera and settings did you use? Interesting image. Adrian
  5. Enjoyed reading your report.... Let us know how you get on with the 4SE as I'm interested as a grab and go scope that is quick to align. Thanks Adrian
  6. Amazing detail there for any set-up never mind a new one. A good reference for the C11. As a relative newbie - what was the detail like visually? At the moment I'm just getting a fuzzy disk with my 300P DOB and stock eyepieces. Adrian
  7. Welcome to SGL. Hope you find the forum as useful as I have... Adrian
  8. I have the 114EQ, which is quite compact but at a price. The tube is shortened by the use of an additional lens at the bottom of the focus tube, which will effect image quality by putting another element into the path, but I kind of like it as a grab and go scope. The 130EQ sounds a good bet for you with the larger aperture. Aperture is all important as you capture more light detail for your eye. I have tried a Skywatcher 200P dobsonian and found that good but while more expensive than your budget it does represent good viewing quality for your money. Don't forget you have to train your seeing ability and after a time you will observe more detail. Let us know how you get on.... Adrian
  9. Excellent - Thanks for posting. Should be pinned. Adrian
  10. My 300P Flextube is fully flocked (Top and Bottom) and I use a shroud - Worth doing. Adrian
  11. Impressive images...... Don't very often see one with the moons. Well Done. Ade
  12. Love those images - so much detail - Excellent. Thanks for sharing... Adrian
  13. Toymaster


    Welcome to SGL.... Glad you got the account sorted. Adrian
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