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  1. Hi all. I've had 2 scopes so far and my current 1 is a seben big boss, i know not brilliant but as i'm told it's better than no scope! (the focus wheel is stiff so would like something smoother) Right down to business, i would like a scope that would be capable of viewing planets, galaxies and betelgeuse (interesting objects), but i want to use a webcam ep and registax as my back has taken enough punishment! (i'm 48 now don't u no!) I believe a motorised kit would be better but not realy that important OR IS IT? Motorised would be nice but i do have google sky app on my phone. Now my budget fo
  2. Many thanks for the replies guys well chuffed. Yes star forming I have replaced the extra lens as I understand it is needed! Proto star I guess you mean ep = eye piece. The internet is the best place 4 research so I've learnt more about my scope and this site is the dogs nads 4 more info and sum great help, thanks once again peeps. I still would like to hear from fellow members with or without seben's 4 their input into astronomy as the more I learn the better! Try fitting a big boss into a Daewoo matiz!!!
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Dean, i'm new to astronomy and have brought a seben 150 x 1400 big boss off of ebay for £90. My question is this; can I use a webcam adapted to fit my big boss? I've stumbled upon a few things about the big boss these are as follows; after delivery I found it needed collimating so I brought a laser collimator for £25 also of ebay, then was told I had to take out the lens that was in the focuser, I did this then managed to collimate it (after removing the mirror and marking a centre spot, which I learnt from youtube!) Then I found this isn't a very good telescope but hey
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