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  1. Do EPs not need a cool down like the main mirrors do? Is it better for them to be warmer?
  2. I was browsing amazon and i saw this kit on sale at 60% off for $80. It includes: 4mm, 6mm, 12.5mm, and 32mm Plossl EPs, 2x Achromatic Barlow Lens, Yellow, Orange, Light Red, Green, Light Blue Filters and a polarizing filter and CrystalView Moon filter. Is this a good deal/ is it worth getting? Ive seen single EPs going for about this much. If it helps I have a 3" 700mm NEWT with only the mediocre stock 10 and 25mm EPs
  3. Sox! Pondus - This has been the worst winter in years. we had more snow this january than we usually do for an entier winter, and it hasnt gotten above 32F at ALL so none of the snow melted and we had a whole week of sub zero temps. It was not fun haha. its supposed to be 42F though today so hopefully things are trending warmer!
  4. Hey everyone, it seems like im one of very few from the states. Ive been fascinated by the stars since i was little. I think astronomy is the coolest ever and if i was a little smarter and not an accountant, I think it would be awesome to be an astrophysicist/astronomer I finally bought a telescope, an Orion SpaceProbe 3 EQ NEWT and im just starting to figure out whats going on. I wish I had found these, or any forums before I bought it, but oh well, itll do for the time being. Now if I could only dig myself out from these many feet of snow, I could actually use it!
  5. I was browsing amazon and i saw this kit for 60% off. It includes: 4mm, 6mm, 12.5mm, and 32mm Plossl EPs, 2x Achromatic Barlow Lens, Yellow, Orange, Light Red, Green, Light Blue Filters, polarizing filter and CrystalView Moon filter. Its about $80, I have 3in 700mm EQ NEWT with mediocre stock 10 and 25mm EP. Considering I was looking at single EPs for this price, do you guys think this would be a good investment?
  6. I CAN see the whole moon through my 25mm, my 10mm though feels very claustrophobic looking at the moon and i cannot see everything. Im not sure if im even supposed to be able to see the whole moon with my 10 but id prefer a little wider FOV with the 25mm
  7. Currently Im living downtown in a major city, so im probably going to be focusing on the planetary scale. my first glimpse of jupiter the other night was amazing. I still cant stop thinking about it. But my parents how is out in the suburbs/rural area so the skies are nice and dark and i dont want to pigeonhole myself and not be able to look at bigger/fainter objects if i wanted to. Also, I hardly get the whole moon in my 25mm FOV and definitely not nearly close to the whole moon with my 10mm. they just feel a little claustrophobic
  8. Yeah I saw you post that. Have you gotten a chance to use it yet? That ones kind of on the expensive side for me coming in a little over $80. Although is that around a standard price for a good EP? Ive very new to this and dont know what prices generally are.
  9. I wear glasses too and my stock EPs have very little eye relief so i tend to not wear them when looking through the scope. I feel like my EPs though have a VERY small FOV, I can hardly see the whole moon at once with my 25mm. I feel like looking at planets would be better with a smaller FOV since jupiter and its moons fit pretty well, but as i said the moon didnt. Are there sizes of EPs that are mainly used for planetary viewing and others that are used for DSO and other futher/fainter objects? I nothiced that Plossl had good looking eye relief to them. Are there other good ones with sufficient relief? I currently am using the Orion SpaceProb 3 EQ NEWT with the stock 10 and 25mm EPs My budget is not much, probably no mare than $50-75. although my birthday is comeing up next month so maybe i can coerce a family member to help me out with something more expensive
  10. Ive been playing around with my scope for a little over a month now and was looking at some new EPs to supplement the stock 10 and 25mm ones. I was looking at a 7.5mm and a 17mm or so EP. ive come across a few different one at each strength but im seeing some differing FOVs. All other things the same, would I just want the ones with the larger FOV or are there times I'd be better off this a smaller FOV?
  11. Thanks, that does help. I was looking for a 3rd or 4th eyepiece to supplement my 10 and 25mm that came with the scope and i noticed the zoom, but i figured that there was a reason that people still bought individual EPs, plus it seemed really on the expensive side, even with a sale from Orion, at over $250
  12. http://www.themcdonalds.net/richard/index.php?title=A_Quick_Tour_of_an_EQ_Mount this is a great guide too. Also, not to sound condescending, make sure your latitude adjustment bolt is in if you have one. I forgot to put that in because the directions didnt have it in there and my mount kept falling forward because the scope wasnt heavier than the counterweight
  13. A 2" EP will only get you a bigger FOV at the same magnification. After letting my scope acclimate, it was able to get come spactacular views with 70x, thats my 10mm EP. Id say at the least you should try a 7.5 that will get you to almost 70x or you could go smaller for a greater mag. as said above. good luck!
  14. I was looking at Orions website and they had a bunch of eyepieces on sale and I saw a zoomable eyepiece that can go from 8mm to 24mm. Why spend potentially more on a bunch of different EPs than buy this one that is essentially 5/6 in 1. what, if any would be downfalls of having an all in one?
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