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  1. Sadly no, for some reason, I posted in the wrong area and I can't move it. Maybe the Admins could move it?
  2. 80mm F/5 Triplet APO QHY9m 36mm Baader filters L: 24x300" RGB: 12x150" Fornax Cluster by Rafael Compassi, no Flickr
  3. GSO 12" F/5 Canon T1i 53x120" Very bad seeing Jewel box cluster by Rafael Compassi, no Flickr
  4. GSO 12" f/5 Canon T1i modded 31x120" M46 by Rafael Compassi, no Flickr
  5. You can select english subtitles, Ruud!
  6. About 2cm wide. Ah, sorry, I misreaded that. I used mire de colimation, it does the same overlay with bullseye
  7. No, they are very straight. I even masked thtem to see if the pattern changes, but no. I used a collimation cap too, but the mirror is centered over the primary.
  8. I tried several times to collimate again, but it is spot on. I will try a BIG secondary, a 70mm one.
  9. Hello! I have a Skywatcher 200p (200/ 1000mm), and I'm having some weird issues with (I guess) stray reflections. The problem appears as a fan (I don't know the exact word), that always points to the center of the frame. I'm using a Canon T1i (modded), GSO coma corrector and Astronomik CLS CCD clip filter. I already tested without one of each, and both, and the problem continues exactly the same, ruling them out. The focuser doesn't get in the light path (it's flush with the tube), tried covering the internal bolts (from the focuser and the finderscope holder), no chan
  10. Well, let me get this straight: The program is telling me that it makes no difference doing my frames at ISO 400 or ISO 1600 (Canon Xs). The SNR will be the same and the simulated image shows he same result. Is that right, really?
  11. Never mind, for some reason, after restarting the PC it worked! Trying to unearth some bias file now and see how it goes
  12. For some reason, all the windows turn white and I cant even see the menus, buttons, etc. Win 7 x64 here. Any workaround?
  13. 30 minutes unguided frames?? That is one marvelous mount!
  14. Use sharpcap, you cand do very long exposures (a few minutes even), but you'll have to deal with the growing thermal noise.
  15. I use VNC to control remotely my observatory computer! So far so good!
  16. I did the YesYes style convertion and it works like a charm! http://www.yesyes.info/index.php/diy/philips-spc900-webcam-lx-and-ampoff-mod/
  17. M7 cluster GSO 12" F/5 Canon EOS Rebel Xs GEM by Darío Pires and PICgoto++ 60x60" ISO1600 http://www.astrobin.com/full/189845/0/
  18. Yeah, i got some new results http://www.astrobin.com/187822/B/ http://www.astrobin.com/187722/ http://www.astrobin.com/187489/
  19. Thanks, chrisvdberge! I am just learning how to use PI, it is very powerful, but it has very steep learning curve!
  20. Damn keyboard! It's suposed to be 120 seconds!
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