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  1. edit: To add, everything ive read suggests any reasonably new nikon, does not suffer from the "star eating" effect that older models did.
  2. I've not noticed this yet, though im not sure how to test it properly. On the other side of things, cannon have an AA filter applied that cant be turned off, modern nikons don't use an AA filter and have better low light performance overall compared to canon. I havent been able to find reliable information (from nikon, or actual testing) about noise reduction being applied on nikon raw files, at least none in the last few years. Im not sure how negitivly it affects images if it does still exist or if its negated by the improved sensors over canons to not be a problem.
  3. Nikon has the better sensors at the moment over canon, and better low light performance. Personally nikon is what I would go for.
  4. But on the other hand, there are no fees really. A lot of other hobbies have fees, golf and fishing for example. At least in our case over time you do get the money out of your equipment. I got a new mount recently, its pretty expensive but i imagine itll last me a good long while, ive no doubt ill get my moneys worth. Other equipment ill keep indefinitely making the cost over time pretty low.
  5. The thing is, what do you spend your money on? some spend hundreds or thousands a year on holidays, some spend hundred or thousands a year on drink or drugs, some spend it on fishing, biking, or on their boat. Most of us here spend it on astronomy. Its not expensive so much as it is a place you spend your money on because you enjoy it.
  6. It might be that a more detailed plan really need to be created, however going around and looking at rock samples even to just identify the types of rocks and materials in the ground might be uneventful but potentially useful, it does give data about the makup of the land over a geographical area, if that's all it did for the next 10 years that would be useful information, maybe even for future missions. In fact I believe that is one of its goals, to gather data for potential future missions. But it does seam like they need to provide more detail on exactly what they want to do the next few years.
  7. It looks like their main complaint for the curiosity mission extension is the lack of detail in their proposal, which if it does lack detail id agree that it need to be addressed. Its a shame though that these missions have to continually be reviewed not necessarily for their scientific merit but a lot of the time also because of money constraints with the relatively low budget NASA gets. Its not like these missions cannot provide any more science, I think as long as they can provide scientific data they should continue to be funded.
  8. Most of the time in my garden which gives a a reasonably unobstructed view of the sky NE to SW and somewhat SE, under a constant nice orangey glow of course. If I get the timing right I get a nice view at Fort William, its so much better, nice dark skys.
  9. I assume you mean non Chinese brand that are re-branded for various companies? You can always double check if you do have a cheap cable. Oddly enough my £3 cable is listed on ebuyer at £20 re-branded by a UK company. what Aten cable are you using, I couldn't find what chipset they use?
  10. Only for the better windows software. Otherwise it really depends on the camera.
  11. Another user of the PL chipset, works perfectly in Linux, I assume windows too. Its this cheap £3 one im using just now.
  12. Got to love Glasgow and that lovely orange skyglow, wouldnt it be great if they turned off the lights now and then. Still its not impossible. And if your more interested in DSOs then you can always go with narrowband filters? Ive seen someone do this on the virtual star party (i forget his name) and they turn out very nice.
  13. That looks helpful, thanks. Overexpose was probably the wrong word.
  14. Thanks, I am happy with it. I've got some reading and practice to do until my next attempt. There was actually a lot of noise from the camera with a lot of red and green hot pixels I processed them out but I wonder if its just the old camera of if its a common side effect of DSLR cameras.
  15. Seams so, though I think you got a much better result than me. I need to figure out if i can keep the detail but not just over brighten the whole image.
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