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  1. Thank you for your advice, I'm going to wait and perhaps use the spare £100 to put towards my DSLR fund until I've gained more experience with my equipment. Thanks again. Stuart.
  2. Having only had my scope for a few days I've been trying to research what EP's to get and I'm finding all a bit bewildering. I know it's probably more about personal choice for most folks and if I asked 10 people I'd probably get 10 different recommendations so I'm just going to ask what I think are reasonably simple questions. I've noticed the Sky-Watcher Ultrawide Eyepiece set of four (20mm, 15mm, 9mm, 6mm) for a tad over £100, would it be worth spending that much on the set or better spending the same amount on maybe 2 of another brand and a 2x Barlow lens? From what I've read a Barlow is a good idea as it basically doubles the choice of EP's in your locker. Is this true? My scope is a Heritage-114P Virtuoso. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated before I spend a fair bit of cash.
  3. Thanks for the advice cepheus42, I'll certainly look more into a Canon now. Tried getting another of the Moon at night, still having the overexposed issue though. Managed to get one of Jupiter too, you can just make out 3 moons. I could definitely see four through the scope, possibly five but wasn't 100% sure one to the lower right was a moon or a star. I need more knowledge! Well chuffed so far with noob equipment haha.
  4. Thanks, I'm thinking about getting a Nikon D3200 or D5200, they're pretty much the same price but I need to research more on them or get advice from people who have used them. It was captured on my Galaxy S3 just rested on the EP.
  5. Yes I know it isn't great but I decided to try and capture the moon before getting my new DSLR. Only had my phone handy, so here it is. It's undoubtedly a tad overexposed but it's certainly given me the astrophotography bug now.
  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Not a member but it was one of their events I went to at the Old Moor. They have them at Hoober Stand too I think.
  7. Hello, I've been fascinated with astronomy and science in general (physics and cosmology mainly) for years but until now I have enjoyed the work of others without ever looking through an actual telescope, that was remedied by my 10 year old niece who saw a flyer for our local astronomical society and asked me to take her. We saw amazing images of the Moon, Jupiter and the Orion Nebula. I decided to get a Heritage-114P Virtuoso as an early birthday present for her and we're now both hooked on star (and planet) gazing. Hoping to meet likeminded folks and learn from experienced people to enable me to find lots more objects and show them to my niece. Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to learning more! Stuart.
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