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  1. Hello from sunny Halifax!! Bright sunny days and clear night skies are rare here but much appreciated when they appear! Welcome, I only recently got here myself and they're a friendly bunch.
  2. I've been struggling with pretty much the same issues. I used the 35mm film canister option which seemed fine...then I bought Cheshire collimator. First problem I couldn't see the primary lugs so it was difficult to align the secondary to the primary. Second I adjusted the secondary so far out that I had to start again! Eventually, using the film canister to align the secondary and then using the Cheshire I got the primary about right. We'll at least I think it's about right.....
  3. Thanks JessicaFaye, I thought I was just losing it! I will have to wait a while to correct the spelling mistakes etc then!
  4. Stupid question! Can anyone tell me how to edit a post please? I'm sure it's staring me in the face but I can't see the edit option anywhere!
  5. Good review, thank you! I recently bought the 130p as my first scope too. The focuser is poor but much improved with a turn or two of put fe tape. The scope is susceptible to vibration so I'm looking for a sturdy base. I don't like the supplied 10mm eyepiece as it seems really poor but the 25mm is ok. So far I've had great views of Jupiter including the moons as well as our own moon. Overall it's a great first scope, easy to set up and easy to use.
  6. Brilliant review. I'm new to astronomy and looking to find a good set of eyepieces to get going. This might just do the trick.
  7. Great post Steve C! Loads of helpful information for all newbies around here, myself included, so thank you for your effort.
  8. Thanks everyone for the many warm welcomes!
  9. Some really helpful information here, thanks everyone. I'll look at all options over the next few days.
  10. Definitely 2mm. I know because it's the only one missing from two sets!!
  11. Meant Heritage not Classic! Don't know where that came from! No idea how to edit a post to put it right though! Thanks for the replies so far.
  12. I'd like to upgrade the supplied eyepieces to something better. The scope came with a 10 and 25. Ideally I'd like better eye relief and a brighter image. Eventually I will probably look at a go-to system and possibly a bigger dob should funds allow. I've looked at Celestron X-Cel LX and Baader Hyperion. I understand the fast F5 of the 130 causes some issues with a lot of eyepieces but wonder which is the best route to take. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. It looks a great site. I've already learned a lot in a short time thanks to SG!
  14. Hi Just got my first telescope last week. It's a Classic 130p Dobsonian. I had to collimate the mirrors using a 35mm film can as instructed elsewhere on this site so that was a great help, thanks. Not had much chance to use it due to all the cloud but I managed half an hour viewing the moon on Friday during a brief break in the clouds. Hopefully more clear evenings to come soon!
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