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  1. From all accounts I missed out on a great deal of things by being born in the eighties! I wish I'd been around to see it. I was discussing the moon landing with my folks and realised it would make a nice article because it's something our target readership (18-30's) didn't have the chance to experience first hand. I've watched the footage on youtube and still got goosebumps, it must have been an amazing thing to witness. My dad, who is an astronomer didn't even stay up to watch! Thanks for your replies so far and I'm glad I've jogged a few memories!
  2. Hi there, my name's Kate and I'm a journalism student studying in Sheffield. As a final year project I'm creating a magazine which includes historical accounts and am really interested in writing a feature on the 1969 moon landing. I'd very much like to find someone UK based (near Sheffield would be even better) who would be willing to speak to me about staying up most of the night in 1969 to watch man take their first steps onto the moon. If you've got a pretty good memory of the night, the emotions of watching it and feel you could paint a picture of the experience to someone who didn't witness it then please get in contact with me by private message or reply to this thread. Many thanks, Kate
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