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  1. yes Scott,just checked again, there is a simon lewis who liked it at the same time as me.
  2. Coming up as ' no results found' So have liked your page Scott Phillips, hope you can add me to the group
  3. Hi and welcome, your not far from me I believe, we have nice skies around here, very lucky.
  4. Signed. Would love something like this if it were more convenient for me.
  5. God that must of been frightening, most important thing is your Ok thank god. We won't be able to pop down to meet anyone like I had hoped because of work, hope you all have lovely clear nights and a great time.
  6. Gotta look after yourself Pat, the driving part is a downer though.
  7. Hi Gethyn, welcome to the group, lovely bunch of people on here.
  8. For anyone who missed it, it on catchup http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00yb434/seven-ages-of-starlight
  9. Not TV but YouTube has some good stuff on it, wonders of the universe, Stargazing live, oh loads are on there to see. I put them on when I am ironing makes that boring job a little more interesting for me.
  10. Hi and welcome, that is exactly how I felt when I first started, with the help of the good people here, a read of Turn left at Orion and google I started to find my way around in the dark. Any questions on things that confuse you will soon be answered on here if you post them and you will soon be enjoying your new scope.
  11. I have both of them and they are lovely in my 150p Dob and my 8SE.
  12. Back garden which isn't to bad but by 1am or so the street light goes out anyway, so early viewing is fine but late viewing is much better.
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