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  1. Have the same scope but from Telescope House and really pleased with it. Bought it just over a year ago and can't see me needing to upgrade anytime soon. One thing to watch, the metal bracket that stores the EPs on the side of the base is only attached with two silly little screws, don't put any weight or pressure on them or you end up ripping them out.....like I did. I drilled all the way through and fitted a couple of nuts and bolts to rectify. A Telrad is also a 100% improvement on the finderscope. Clear skies. Mark
  2. As far as I know, unless the mirror is very very dirty, it is not worth the risk. You will be surprised how well even dirty mirrors perform and you likely won't notice any difference post cleaning. I will defer to those more experienced than me though. Mark
  3. Thanks! Not tried it out properly but if it is close enough I will be happy. If it doesn't work then it hasn't cost very much and the OTA will be unharmed as nothing is permanent......yet. Regards, Mark
  4. I have been thinking for a while the best way to attach my smartphone to my Dob to make it easier to find objects in the night sky. I have used printed skymaps before but I sometimes just prefer to use the skyeye app. First I ordered a cheap plastic case from eBay. This was for my old Samsung S3 that I no longer use. I also recently added a Telrad so was able to borrow some parts from the original finderscope (I am using the small bracket that attaches to the OTA). Next I cut down a cheap plastic shelf bracket that I bought from IKEA (50p) and this slipped into the finderscope bracket nicely.
  5. Stunning images, would make a great poster for my wall as you would think it was just a picture of the Sun till you looked closer. Hats off to the guy that captured them. Mark
  6. Check out FLO, our site sponsors. You also need to confirm if you want this mainly for planetary viewing or deep space objects, the scope choice may be different depending on your answer. Good luck, Mark
  7. Superb image, awesome. Mark
  8. Yes, the mods do a good job of hiding any post that is over the line. Otherwise they would simply lock the thread and that would be that. Best of luck Earl.
  9. I work in finance and have always seen a billion as a thousand million.
  10. Congratulations to members who had their images shown. Mark
  11. Yep, I'm one of them. Check the focusser is actually moving in / out and does the EP (1) need to go all the way into (2)? Maybe try fitting (1) and just sliding the EP in and out to see if that achieves focus. Also, I believe it is irrelevant if the finderscope is aligned at this stage. The moon should be easy enough to find without the finder, it's the big bright thing hiding the DSOs. Mark
  12. I tried and failed last week but likely had it in my EP and just assumed it was another star. Some good advice here, hopefully get it next time. Also, I was using my 8 inch newt with a 30mm EP. Mark
  13. If it were me, I would try and make another Dob base. You could modify it to suit your style, for example I wish my base had a bit more height to it (without ending up top heavy). However, that being said, putting the newt on a GoTo sounds good. Probably expensive though. Mark
  14. Your not alone. I was out tonight with my dob and after spending 45 mins searching for my target, failed and gave in. Owned a scope for almost a year now and still get disappointed (often). I think what I am saying is don't give in. Folks who have been at this for years often get frustrated too, not just newbies like me. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Mark
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